What Makes the CBD Boxes Work Perfect?

The step in packing your CBD is securely sealing your CBD tincture boxes. By closing correctly, you ensure that your CBD products remain protected from the outside and that nothing can fall out of the package. In order to save material as much as possible, but at the same time ensure that your goods are adequately protected, you should follow these tips.

Label Correctly

Once the CBD packaging boxes package has been correctly packaged, it can be labeled. This is where online retailers make careless mistakes. This includes, incorrect information on the label, sticking over the barcode or even completely forgetting to label. These errors are very annoying and time consuming, but they are easy to avoid. Get used to checking your label at least twice. Also, do not attach it until you have sealed the package. In this way you avoid hiding the code to be scanned.

Use the Correct Address

There are numerous possible sources of error with regard to the correct addressing of a packet. Many online retailers, for example, still transfer customer data manually from an Excel list. Not only is this more than marginal in terms of data protection, it also means that the wrong address is put on the shipping label. But even so, when entering data, a number rotates quickly, for example. It should also be noted that the address format for some countries is very different from the spelling.

Information that definitely belongs on a shipping label:

  • First and last name of the recipient (or company name)
  • Address of the recipient (with street, house number, postcode and city)
  • Destination Country
  • First and last name of the sender (or company name)
  • Sender’s address (with street, house number, postcode and city)
  • Country of origin

Often errors also occur when printing the shipping label: for example, important information can be cut off or illegible. Always check your shipping label carefully so that there are no problems with shipping!

Protection of Your Goods

Even in the worst case if the item is damaged or even lost shipping insurance offers protection against financial losses for your online shop. Fortunately, most shipping service providers already offer included shipping insurance for shipping packaging with Custom Boxes with logo.

While these insured sums are more than sufficient for most goods, it may happen that an article extends beyond the maximum standard insurance of a maximum of 750 dollars. In the event of loss or damage, you would then remain seated on the amount. You can surely have insurance for your shipping packaging on favorable terms, thanks to which you can insure parcels up to a maximum value of 5,000 dollars.

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