Protect Your Employees Through Office Updates

Today’s world brings new challenges as an employer. Your staff wants to feel safe in their work environment. Here are a few ideas to help them feel protected each day. 

Space the Desks

Perhaps you have a medical office where you have several staff members seated behind the reception desk. It is time to space their work areas to be at least six feet apart. 

Remove Clutter

Accidents in the workplace happen every day. Be sure to keep your employees safe from tripping and falling by removing any obstacles or clutter that may cause an accident.

Install Sneeze Guards

Maybe you have an insurance agency with a large area filled with workstations. By installing plastic sneeze guards, you can protect your employees from those stray coughs and sneezes of their co-workers. 

Add an Air Purifier

Sitting in the same space all day long, everyone ends up breathing the same air over and over. Open windows if you can, or add an air purifier. Studies have shown that airplanes with their purified air are actually one of the safest places to be. Can you believe it? Air purifiers can be that effective. 

Create a Second Hand Washing Area 

Of course, you already have a sink in your employee restroom. Consider creating a second area where employees can wash their hands, even if the restroom is busy. If that isn’t feasible, have plenty of hand sanitizer available.

Secure File Cabinets

If too many drawers are open on a file cabinet, it can tip over and trap someone underneath. When you install file cabinets, make sure to secure them into the wall behind them to avoid them from tipping. This also helps keep them standing in place during an earthquake. 

Walk Through the Office

As the employer or manager, walk through the entire office regularly. Look for items that might be out of place. Papers nudged up against electrical outlets, boxes in the walk areas, steps that are uneven or anything else that might be an accident waiting to happen. 

Have Safety Training

There are many safety issues that need to be discussed with your employees. Do you have a plan in case of fire? It is a good idea to discuss everything from floods to violent situations and how to remain as safe as possible as an individual and as a group. 

Having concerns for your employee’s safety is the first step to a friendlier and safer work environment. What will be your first update?


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