What Makes Online Shopping in Singapore Great?

In a technology-driven world, there is little possibility of meeting someone who has not heard of online shopping. It has been a trend that has been going on for quite a long time. When you look at its history, it started way back in 1979 when an English inventor named Michael Aldrich used Teletext, or otherwise known as VideoTex, a two-way message service that revolutionised business. Teletext was the earliest form of eCommerce that allowed online transaction processing between a business and a buyer, at the same time business and business as well. This form of communication was followed by the first-ever web browser in 1990 that became the second proponent of online shopping. It is what people know as the World Wide Web. Without Tim Berners Lee’s invention of the ‘WWW,’ sellers would not have any online marketplace at all. This breakthrough was the main reason why millions of people all over the world have access to the internet where they can find numerous eCommerce platforms. Of course, this included Singapore citizens who would find themselves needing air purifiers, a transparent speaker, keyboards, among many others!

Focusing the spectrum of buyers in one country, Singapore has a large number of online shoppers. One might say that Singaporeans favourite pastime is shopping. It has become a popular trend among young adults and higher-income households. To prove that this statement holds, there has been a study by the Visa Bank that 26% of Singaporeans in 2014 shops online once a week. They have observed that those people in the 25 to 44 age group are the frequenters of shopping online. It proves that the youth is in-touch with technology and they use it to get what they need or want in their lifestyle. Hence, it would not be a surprise to find electronics sales to simple fashion glasses on online stores because businesses know that these are what the youth find essential.

eCommerce in Singapore

When it comes to eCommerce, Singapore is definitely not behind. The online market is growing fast because of the pervasive, high-speed, and trusted internet structures. With a tech-savvy population, plenty of businesses would you in a day!

Therefore, one may say that online shopping is now embedded in the lifestyle of Singaporeans. However, you might be one of the few who are still in wonder of what makes it so great and attractive to youth and elderly today. 

In this article, you will learn about what you can buy online, the reasons why you should start buying your things online, and why it is good to be part of the online shopping community!

What Can You Buy Online?

Even before the COVID-19 emerged, people have been conveniently avoiding crowded marketplaces to get their portable air purifier in Singapore or even the latest phones. While some buyers would not find buying things that are in the pricey spectrum from an online website, there are a few online shopping advocates who would recommend that you buy some of your things online.

1. Electronics

Whether it is a TV or a smartphone, buying can be a complicated process. Of course, there are multiple factors that a buyer must consider before completing a purchase. It includes the product’s specifications, the warranty period, their return policy, among many other factors. To add, some sales clerk might not be helping you more than you expect they would. They are either too eager or too aloof that you cannot squeeze any information about the product that you want to buy. However, these all go out the window when you purchase your laptop, TV, and other small electronics accessories online! Why is that? You will have:

  • More decision time

While buying from a store can get you your Bluetooth speakers immediately may be tempting, you need to search in-depth about the product first so that you can get the best value out of your money. At online shopping, you would have more decision time since you are not worried about the closing time!

  • Use price-comparison tools

Aside from getting the best out of your money, you would want to get the cheapest one as well. There are price-comparison sites where you can track prices from different online retailers to know which shop has the best price! Price comparison must always be a part of your purchasing process because it would give you the peace of mind that you have explored all your options and you are getting the best deal out of them!

  • Variety and availability

Do you dislike having to go early to a store branch to buy the latest release of a speaker? Well, you do not have to worry about camping outside of any store when you decide to buy them online! You would not have to worry about getting the last one in stock that is not in your preferred colour or model because the stocks that are available online are higher than what physical stores have. 

2. Exercise gear

Many brands of exercise gears are emerging, and they are remarkably the same quality as flagship stores. In Singapore, small brands of sporting goods and attire are reaching customers who want to support local businesses. If you are the type of person who is reasonably supportive of what Singaporeans can do, this is what should attract you to go online shopping!

Starting an active lifestyle may be difficult in the beginning, but there had been researches that found out buying habits can increase motivation. Meaning, you are more pumped to start your fitness journey when you have all the attire, gadgets, and other essential exercise equipment right from the start. There would be no better way to get them by purchasing them online. 

3. Clothing and accessories

It does not mean that you buy all of your clothes online because, no matter how good the price is, you should still be picky when it comes to getting your suits, undergarments, and other accessories. However, when buying everyday pieces, such as jeans, t-shirts, long sleeves, among other casual clothing you can find, you should consider buying them from a reliable online store! These are the basics that will be easy to find that is in your size and style. 

Sales and discounts are also abundant in online shops that you do not want to miss. From phone accessories to fashion glasses in Singapore, it would be easy for you to find a bargain. This is easier, especially if you already know your size, face shape, and other body measurements that you have that will make it easy for you to find a match. It is your chance to say goodbye to long lines and overcrowded malls during the holiday or sale seasons!

4. Luxuries

You no longer need to take time out of your schedule to visit a jewellery store and deal with long sales pitches of clerks because you can buy your luxuries online! These wearable, beautiful, and useful investments are good for your wardrobe, and with the convenience that online shopping brings, you can now get more of what you want. Since they are meant to last, you have to take your time in picking the classiest and timeless design that you can wear in the present and the future. Investing in them in Singapore can become the new family heirloom, which you can pass down from generation to generation. It would be an interesting story to tell how you managed to get these high-quality goods over a cashless transaction on the internet! 

Why Should You Buy Online?

To catch up with the fast-evolving world, you have to stay knowledgeable about the things that are emerging today. Online shopping is one of them. Undeniably, there are lots of businesses and trade stores that take their presence online to reach farther customers. Hence, it is not a surprise that you would have friends telling you that you should buy from this website or that app. They have their reasons why they are an avid online shopper. With easy access to the internet that the Singapore government provides, you should know why online shopping is something that you should try!

Save your time

For one of the most obvious reasons, shopping online saves you more time. You would not be worrying about traffic, the time the store opens or closes, or how much time you need for browsing. The chances of you getting lost in the maze that is a shopping mall are eradicated as well! In online shopping, all you would have to do is tap, swipe, and scroll when you want to buy something or you are looking for a specific item. Thanks to the search icon, your legs would not get tired from the various stalls in one area just to find reading glasses  in Singapore that suit your style. Instead, one search would let you see all the glasses available for you to buy!

Easy returns and cancellations

Say goodbye to paperwork and finding receipts! Online shopping has ensured that buyers would have a hassle-free shopping experience by implementing a seamless return and cancellation process. With an official policy of an online store, you, as a buyer, have the right to send an item back or cancel an order within the reason and time stated by their policies. This is a process that is unlike a wrong purchase from a physical store. If you had an experience of returning a product to a physical store before, you probably know how it would take long for them to process it. Considering that they need documents, proofs, and some of your time to help with the process, it would probably take half of your day. Hence, online shopping in Singapore is the way to go!

Short delivery time

Local lifestyle shops are the online shops that you can expect to deliver your orders within the stated and expected time. While some people find this inconvenient because they order groceries and other perishable goods, you do not need the same urgency as when you only bought a clothing item or a gadget. Although the emergence of same-day delivery services, you can receive your luxuries, exercise gear, and eyeglasses on the same day as you ordered them! Businesses are going hand-in-hand to satisfy the needs of the customers, so you can expect plenty of accommodating features that you can enjoy.

The Growing Culture of Online Shopping in Singapore

Dining and shopping are the two most popular activities in Singapore. It is why even being the smallest country in Southeast Asia, the country is still one of the declared best places to live in Asia. The support of the government so that Singaporeans can do recreational activities has paved the way for online shopping to gain popularity. With the COVID-19, it would not be a surprise that they have also found a significant increase in sales from online shopping businesses. 

As part of this growing culture of shoppers, you must remember that you should buy from a website that you can trust. Do not be blinded by deals that are too good to be true because you will regret them later. Check the description of the products, the contact details of the store, and the security of the site!

Lamch & Co as Your Trusted Online Shop

At Lamch & Co, it is online that can offer you various products that range from everyday necessities to luxurious items. They are a trustworthy shop that prioritises catering to the needs of buyers like you, so they ensure that you can improve your lifestyle with their Bluetooth speakers in Singapore, exercise attires, and jewellery!

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