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A country with a low cost of living is always a place of attraction for people house-shopping. But Mexico has more than just a low cost of living; the people are very hospitable, the climate is generally warm and lovely, and buying real estate here is as easy as it could possibly be.

The beaches are another excellent reason why Mexico is now a highly-rated travel destination. Along with all this, their housing is very affordable, and you can get the same quality you’d get in the United States for up to half the price. And if you’re looking to shave off as many bucks as possible, then the idea would be to go house-shopping in the most affordable areas. And that is what this list comprises of; the five cheapest places to buy property in Mexico.


Back when Mexico was under the crown of Spain, Zacatecas was one of the richest silver cities in the world. These days, the state is much more focused on the arts. Although, walking around will show you clearly that it was once a rich city full of magnificent architecture. It is becoming more and more a popular destination for Mexicans on a vacation because it has so many points of attraction. The history-rich museums, lively markets, world-class restaurants, and quaint villages. There are different types of accommodation throughout the state, and they are very affordable.


You might not have heard a great deal about this state because it is not known to be a tourist magnet. That is quite strange because Coahuila has some of the most magical and beautiful towns and attractions in the whole of Mexico. If you’re looking for a relatively quiet city to live in, then Coahuila might just be the ideal destination for you. The city is basically unexplored so there is a lot of untouched ground and facilities that you can fully enjoy.


This lovely state is located in the east-central region of Mexico. It is the smallest state in the country, although it is getting a fair bit of attention these days. Crowds of tourists are now drawn to the state every year because of its numerous historical and natural sites. The state is bordered by Pueblo, Hidalgo, and the state of Mexico. Even though Tlaxcala has its fair share of cultural attractions, it is the archeological sites that seem to attract a large number of tourists that visit. The stock of this state is clearly on the rise, and it might not be too long before it is on the “most expensive” list.


Surrounded by all kinds of wildlife and beautiful scenery like mountains, deserts, and forests, Durango is one of the best places you can buy property in Mexico. It has some of the best real estate prices in the country, and it is one of the most popular states in the country. The lifestyle and community are particularly vibrant so living in this city certainly comes with a huge bag of advantages.


Tamaulipas is located in northeastern Mexico where it is bordered by Vercruz, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon, and Texas. This state has some beautiful landscape, and there are stretches of beautiful mountains in the southern and central areas of the state. Tamaulipas has some great real estate which also comes at fairly affordable rates.

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