What Are The Best Things To Do in Medan?

In North Sumatra, a stunning neighborhood that is situated around the Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang is named as Medan. For those who are visiting here for the first time, a lot of you will come to the conclusion that it is just like any other Indonesian city with crowded streets. You couldn’t be more wrong if you think so. Medan has a lot more to offer than an urban lifestyle. You need to spend a few days here to realize the wonderful charm that exists around the city. If you have already booked one of the hotels in Medan and you are ready to travel, make sure to check out these amazing things you can do here.

Visit The Tjong A Fie Mansion – if you have already been to the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang, Malaysia, you will find both these buildings quite similar to each other. Being one of the top attractions in Medan, it is usually crowded by tourists year-round. It is a great place to visit and understand how people used to lead their lives in Medan during the 1900s. You can also choose to take a guided tour if you need.

Enjoy Delicious Soup at Soto Kesawan every city has its top eateries and restaurant where you can visit for a great meal, Soto Kesawan is the same for Medan. A small shop that serves iconic and famous soups throughout the day. You must try the Soto Medan, which is the popular dish here and everyone loves it the most. It is made of coconut milk and chopped pieces of chicken, mixed with a wide range of vegetables.

Admire Mesjid Raya Al Mashun – the Mesjid Raya is the main mosque in Medan and is also one of the most beautiful architectural building you will see around the city. It was built using a lot of exquisite materials that incincludealian Marble and Belgium Glass. The elegant domes and awe-inspiring carvings on the wall, makes you wonder about the rich cultural influence Medan once had in this part of the world.

Head To Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni – also identified by the name of Our Lady of Good Health Church, it was opened back in 2005. It has been dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health, and is a Catholic church that carries the art and architectural style of an Indian temple. There are many colorful furnishings and effigies all over.

Enjoy the Nightlife at Cafe Raya – if you want to add more fun and excitement to your trip to Medan, head to Cafe Raya and enjoy the nightlife. Order your favorite drink, dance to some groovy music and socialize with other people from different communities in this pub. The overall ambience and atmosphere of the place is always energetic and makes you go throughout the night without a stop.

So, here are the best things you can do in Medan when you visit this brilliant city. Don’t forget to note these down and enjoy your trip.

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