Things You Need to Look for in a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

You might be wondering whether you’ll continue reading this article or work it out with your spouse to save your failing marriage. But it might be too late as you have already considered getting a family lawyer in Singapore to resolve the issues for you. Hence, it might be the right decision for you and your partner to take during these trying times.

Aside from relationships, you must also consider your welfare why you chose to seek legal assistance from a family lawyer. They not only preserve your well-being, but they also secure you from possible abuses you might get if you choose to stay in your toxic marriage. It would also be great to hear some advice from someone who has fair judgments on such marital problems.

Furthermore, you also get to save your financial claims when you have a good divorce lawyer by your side. Singapore has some of the most reputable attorneys that can extend their hands in helping you manage your hard-earned money during the marriage. You must only ensure that they have enough knowledge of handling such cases as you need a practitioner who can be your all-in-one legal partner.

But how will you find the right divorce lawyer for your legal needs? You may consider recommendations from your immediate kin and peers or do your research to find trusted attorneys in the region. Nevertheless, look for a legal partner who has the following qualities to ensure your success in your case:


Start with their proficiency and check if they have garnered enough knowledge while they are still in law school. They must have the right learnings that will prove their efficiency as a family or divorce lawyer. These should include their understanding of marital issues, familial concerns, relational talks, and even custodial arrangements. Find an attorney that has these skills to gain a step closer to winning your legal claims.

Other than their stock knowledge, they should also be analytical with the arguments they present to you. They must teach you how to be objective and avoid giving out opinions based on your feelings. Singapore courtrooms usually have divorce lawyers that may distract you while you give out your statements. Hence, your legal practitioner must train you on how to focus and stay within your court game plan.

Proof of Evidence: If you want to get assured that they are educated and knowledgeable in the field, you may request for their credentials and have a look at their law course grades. Moreover, check with their campus if they have records of your divorce lawyer graduating from them. There is nothing wrong in doing a background check. Besides, you’re talking about the future hereafter your separation.


Aside from their skill set, you should also consider their experience in handling such marital cases. Choose an attorney who has enough courtroom involvement that will ensure their efficiency in presenting pieces of evidence. They should also be ready to argue with other family lawyers for your assurance on winning the case.

It would also be great if you are the only one who feels tensed and anxious on your side. You must have a legal partner who has the confidence to represent you in front of everyone while you are overwhelmed by your emotions. They should also be composed and relaxed whenever tensions rise inside the courts. Thus, only an experienced divorce lawyer in Singapore can show you these qualities.

Proof of Evidence: You may discuss this directly with your attorney and ask for their experience in the courtroom. Check on other cases they have handled and won as it may be your edge to work with a competent legal partner like yours. Hence, you may be surprised at the long list of marital cases they have settled in the courts.


Consider also their acquired commendations in the legal field as you might be working with the best divorce lawyer in Singapore today. These include recognition they may have received from award-giving bodies in the industry that recognizes their success inside and outside the courtrooms. Choose someone who puts their passion over everything only to serve what is rightful and just in the courts.

You can also look at the accolades they received from their colleagues who honour their one-of-a-kind service. It only shows how efficient and logical they are whenever someone seeks for their assistance. Thus, they might be your perfect option as your go-to legal partner.

Proof of Evidence: Try asking around to find the most commended and recognized divorce lawyer in the industry today. You can check with court clerks as they never miss court hearings and they usually hear all legal statements coming from different attorneys. They may know someone who you can rely on regarding your marital case.


Most importantly, choose the best legal divorce partner based on their reputation in the region – especially to those who have the same case as yours. You must look for a renowned attorney that has earned their prestige because of how they take care of their clients. Do not forget to take note of the reasons why they have a good reputation in the region. Consider these in picking the perfect practitioner who will assist you on your next court proceedings.

On the other hand, look for a reputable firm like Lie Chin Chin that can provide you with experienced, skilled, and esteemed family lawyers who can ensure your success in the courtrooms. They only work with some of the best attorneys in Singapore that will guarantee you with the finest law services you can ever imagine. Check their website now tobook an appointment with their practitioners today!

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