Sex therapist advice

Hollywood has given everyone unrealistic expectations and outlook towards sexual chemistry, which, when unfounded, leaves one frustrated, anxious and angry. In real life, sex is disheveled, confusing and even at times, disappointing. Many couples need help from a sexologist in Lahore, so they can achieve and live in a balance that’s most suited for them.

Here are some tips from a sex therapist that can help your bedroom life:

Be playful with each other

Sex doesn’t have to be so clinical and serious all the time. Bring some playfulness in your routine and let yourselves be silly together. Increase the time you spend together before the sex as well, so you get to know each other and can just fool around.

Be rested

Skip checking your phone constantly before bedtime, and get a good night’s sleep to feel rested. To be more comfortable and energized in your body, it’s important to take care of your health and your sleep cycle first, and only then can you refuel and reconnect with your partner. Many women feel depleted at the end of the day, and being intimate may seem like another chore. The way to avoid this misstep is to take care of yourself, get ample sleep, eat right and most importantly pamper yourself. Having a spa day, or a facial will make you feel good and more confident about yourself.

Prioritize spending time together

Admittedly, we live in very busy times; however, its important to prioritize and put things in perspective. Prioritize spending time together, and carve out time for your partner. Clear your schedule, relax and indulge your partner in what they like. It would be the best foreplay.

Schedule a time for intimacy

Give yourself something to look forward to as a couple. Schedule out time for yourself, that’s dedicated only to you and your physical needs.To keep the spark alive, keep the non-relational activities aside, and just focus on each other. It’s important to make time for each other andyour physical relation. You may feel that planning for intimacy takes all the fun out of it, but when being spontaneous is not an option due to busy lifestyles, then there is nothing wrong with planning a date with your partner.

Many couples drift apart only because they prioritize everything else but their relationship—be it work, kids, routine, chores or family commitments. Even though it sounds like an obvious fix, many people fail to put this into practice.

Communicate your needs to your partner

The most common problem people have is failure to communicate their needs in bed to their partner. This is what the therapists call ‘desire discrepancy’. One partner may have a higher sex-drive than the other, and thus seem more demanding, while the one with the lower sex-drive may feel annoyed or manipulated. To overcome this hurdle in the relationship, an open communication is needed. Talk to your partner about what’s bothering you. Both partners could improve their performance and intimacy issues if they communicate their needs to each other, and if you don’t think you are up to it, then the best sexologist in Lahore could help you there, and improve your communication as a couple, both inside and outside the bedroom.

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