Proving Your Innocence: 6 Best Times to Call for a Lawyer

Conflict and misunderstandings are inevitable in human relationships. You might get entangled in a fight over generational wealth with your siblings. Maybe, you want to win the child custody battle with your former spouse. There are many reasons why humans have complicated interactions with other people. And if you don’t resolve it with a family lawyer in Singapore, you’ll probably cut off contact with them for life, or worse, someone might get physically hurt.

Although you can’t avoid some disagreements and quarrels with other people, you still have the power to resolve the problem by partnering with lawyers like a criminal lawyer in Singapore. But, how would you know if you need professional help versus settling it on your own?

To find the answer, let this article show you the times you need to call for a lawyer.

When to Call for a Lawyer?

You can solve misunderstandings with confrontations by simply talking with the other party. However, some problems are much more complicated because they revolve around personal safety and the law. Indeed, no one’s above the constitution, which means you can’t act recklessly only to solve the problem the wrong way. Worse, you’ll get in prison! If you’re thinking about when to call for a family lawyer or criminal lawyer in Singapore, here are the times you need their help.

1) Not Knowledgeable About the Law

The main reason the law is complicated is that it uses hard-to-understand languages. Plus, reading law requires your comprehension and analytical skills. With this alone, it can be difficult for a regular reader to understand the complexity of a constitution. You might interpret the written passage incorrectly and leaving you more confused!

That’s why it’s better to look for a personal, estate planning, corporate or criminal law firm in Singapore to help understand more about the country’s constitution. Doing so will prevent you from doing the wrong actions that may lead you to prison. Remember that reckless actions may not solve the problems but worsen them for both parties.

Hence, if you don’t know much about corporate or family law in Singapore, call for a lawyer who can explain what you need to know for better knowledge.

2) You Need Evidence and Documentation Support

Do you think you can arrive at a hearing without proper documentation? Do you assume you can confidently tell you’re innocent without concrete evidence? Don’t expect the judge will believe you because the law is a systematic process with legal proceedings. If you’re not aware of this, you need help from a criminal lawyer or family lawyer in Singapore to support your position and provide convincing evidence.

Also, you need to submit papers on time to follow the legal procedures. If not, you can delay the process and affect your chances of winning the case. Even though you’re the innocent one, you can still lose if you’re not following the legal process!

So, to increase your winning chances, partner with a corporate or criminal law firm in Singapore for professional support.

3) You Need to Challenge the Evidence Provided by the Other Party

If you’re innocent, but the other party has a stronger connection and convincing evidence, you can still lose. Do you know the saying, “rich people can escape the law, while the poor are the inflicted?” Unfortunately, it’s true. No matter how innocent you are, you can still go to jail if the other party can pay influential people to break the law.

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, you still have a fighting chance if you partner with a reliable family or criminal lawyer in Singapore. They will stick to your propositions and provide more substantial evidence to claim your innocence. After all, the truth will always prevail with the right people.

The trustworthy lawyers will know how to use their knowledge about family law or personal protection order in Singapore to claim the justice you need. In conclusion, you need to partner with the right professionals to increase your chances of winning the battle and proclaim your innocence.

5) Trapped in a Complicated Divorce Process

Your marriage doesn’t make you happy and fulfilled anymore. You constantly quarrel with your spouse, and the best way to solve this problem is through – divorce. However, divorce is a complicated process, especially if you have children and assets to consider. Have you considered child custody, belongings, financial responsibilities, and other aspects that will get affected through your divorce?

If not, make sure to contact a lawyer knowledgeable about family law in Singapore to help you through the complicated divorce proceedings. Plus, divorce also comes with emotional entanglement. You can get depressed, anxious or even mad about the situation. If you feel overwhelmed, your children may also be affected.

Always remember that divorce should not affect your children’s mental health because it can have a scar on them until they enter adulthood. Hence, look for a divorce and family lawyer in Singapore to make things less compacted and fewer quarrels.

6) You Need Professional Consultation

Throughout the legal battle, you’ll feel tired emotionally, physically, and mentally. And during confusing days, you might need professional advice from a lawyer. To handle these stressful events, you need to look for a family or criminal law firm in Singapore to guide you when you need clarifications for your questions. Hence, a lawyer should open communication by telling you their contact details.

As such, you’ll be able to contact them whenever you need to know more about family law and a personal protection order. With this type of relationship with the lawyer, you can feel more assured that you’re in good hands and you can win the legal battle.

7) You Want to Avoid Jail

Finally, if you know that you don’t deserve to go into jail, you need to partner with a lawyer that can help you seek truth and justice. Some people are wrongly convicted worldwide because of lack of support or weak evidence—partner with a qualified criminal or family lawyer in Singapore to avoid this. By doing so, you give yourself a chance to prove what you deserve in a court battle.

Seek truth and justice with Aspect Law Chambers, a criminal law firm in Singapore that can assist you throughout the legal process. So, visit their website to talk with a lawyer.

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