Personal Injury Cases and Your Choices

The first role of the Personal injury lawyer following a traffic accident is to provide human support to the victim, struck by the accident, often in shock, sometimes isolated. The lawyer listens, supports, and works to understand the accident and its repercussions in the daily life of the victim and his relatives. His role as advisor is essential. It is aimed at vulnerable people, often ignorant of their rights, lost in the face of the complex requirements and methods strained by insurance companies for their compensation. The experience of the lawyer in helping victims of traffic will allow the victim he accompanies to regain confidence and organize without error the defense of his interests. It is about preparing for life after the accident.

Lawyer Optimizes Compensation for Traffic Accident Victim

The Law provides for full compensation for all injuries sustained by the victim of a traffic accident. But it is up to the victim to prove them and demonstrate their impact on their future life and on the lives of their loved ones. To do this, the insurance company first sends a particularly incomplete form which aims to list the costs incurred by the victim following their accident. It is on the basis of these elements that the insurance company’s expert, as part of his mission, will list and quantify the temporary and permanent damage to the victim following his accident.

Guidance for the Victim

The victim of a traffic accident with bodily injury surrounded by a lawyer in Personal Injury Law is assured that all the elements are taken into account: complete medical file of the victim, work stoppage, care orders, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, medical equipment, transport costs, third party assistance, etc. The lawyer, aware of the multifactorial nature of the damage suffered by a victim of a traffic accident, makes the victim speak, even invites him to mention the consequences of the accident on all aspects of his life, intimate and family life included, so that all the consequences linked to the accident are compensated. The insurance company will be tempted to make a voluntary deadlock on many of the losses experienced. The Seattle Car Accident Lawyer therefore ensures that nothing is left out of the calculation of the compensation.

Compensation for the Victim

Remember that compensation for bodily injury is based on the damage listed by an authoritative nomenclature. This nomenclature lists all of the property damage and extra-property damage potentially compensable. The Truck Accident Attorney uses this nomenclature to question the victim and make sure that all damages are taken into account. Concretely, the law provides that the insurance company makes the victim of a traffic accident an offer of compensation within 3 months of the accident if the victim is consolidated; and within 8 months if the victim is not consolidated the compensation offer is then provisional.

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