Orthodontic course that fulfills your needs

Orthodontic courses are becoming popular day by day. These courses combine the taught elements with the clinical training sessions to instill knowledge and practical skills that you require for carrying out orthodontic treatment in various patients. You will not only learn the theory of the subject through group discussions and seminars but also receive the training for enhancing your practical skills. You will need to attend the clinical training sessions that you will learn in a clinical setting. Every participant of the course gets a chance to provide treatment to patients having severe malocclusion under the guidance of their instructors.

Aim of the course

The main aim of the orthodontic course is to help you receive supervision from experienced mentors and specialize in the field of orthodontics. The course is for giving you an understanding of the basis of orthodontics. It emphasizes on imparting knowledge & skills for accurate diagnosis & treatment planning. The course tends to teach clinical management of patients to the clinicians who wish to specialize in orthodontics. The basic idea behind the training is to help the clinicians to plan and implement the treatment that best suits the patient.

Inclusions of the course

The short term orthodontics course in the UK includes lectures, demonstrations, seminars, and tutorials for effective learning. The instructors will instruct and guide you regarding the clinical aspects of the subject. You will get to treat nearly 100 patients under the supervision of renowned specialists. The cases will not be normal ones but complex malocclusions that require hypodontia and orthognathic treatment. The participants will learn the use of temporary anchorage devices (TADs), aligner systems, straight wire techniques, and lingual appliances. Moreover, you will be a part of journal clubs and mandatory training. Practical demonstrations with typodonts will complement academic teaching.


Orthodontic courses in the UK include a research methods unit, biostatistics unit, dissertations, and a clinical unit. You will participate in online group activities two assignments that will form a formal assessment. The clinical component comprises of MCQ paper, oral & written examinations, and oral presentations as well. Your mentors will note your assessment and the progress that you made at each step of the course. This will help in deciding how you are learning to maintain the pace with all. This will also reveal your abilities to take up new techniques for effective management of your patients in the long run.

How is the course different?

Your mentors will train you for the skills related to execution, design, and interpretation of clinical-related research. You will be able to perform simple analysis and training of the skills that relate to data collection. The biggest benefit of the course will be to gain an understanding of the various topics and techniques of orthodontics with the main focus on diagnosis, treatment planning, and management of the patients in a clinical setup.


The course teaches medical emergency management also apart from the skills and knowledge of orthodontics. Case review discussion and participation in journal clubs will be most beneficial during the course.

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