How to Build a Good CV as Student or Young Graduate?

As a student or recent graduate, are you looking for an internship or a job? After having defined your professional project, you must take care of writing your CV. Above all, do not neglect the step of creating the curriculum vitae, because the smallest detail counts. Objective: get an interview and this is done mainly on your CV! Here are the rules for writing your CV in French and English.

CV Writing Tip: Take Care of the Form!

First of all, a student cv template can really help. If you have less than 5 years of experience, your CV should fit on one page. It should be clear and readable quickly. Keep the layout clean by using only one of the most common types of fonts like Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, Times. Feel free to play with leading and margins. Use bold, italics, boxes and underlines sparingly in order to keep it simple. Use a concise style, you should not make a sentence or use “I”. 

On the other hand, use bullets to clearly distinguish the different missions or formations. Do not miss any spelling mistakes: consider having your CV proofread by several relatives. Write in full the acronyms of the diplomas obtained, as well as those of the companies where you worked. If you send your CV by email, send it to the recruiter preferably in PDF format; in Word, the layout may be different depending on the version of software the recruiter is using.

Present the Curriculum in a Positive Way

If you have not worked for some time, share your experiences with the recruiter if they ask you about it and reassure them! Explain to them that you have not remained inactive. Maybe you have been a volunteer in an association, you have taken the driving license exam. Show that you have kept yourself informed about your sector of activity during this period. If you have only done odd jobs or internships, show the recruiter that these experiences have enabled you to acquire essential qualities in the professional world and new skills.

Is Adding a Photo to the CV Compulsory?

Putting a photo on your CV is not mandatory, but it is advisable to add one at the top right. Recruiters tend to remember better an application with a photo. But be careful because your photo must convey a professional with a frontal pose, a sober background, suitable clothing and hairstyle. You must choose a dynamic image. Don’t look uptight or too shy, smile!


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