3 Facts About Manufacturing

Everyone benefits from products that have been manufactured, from smartphones and televisions to refrigerators and cars. However, most people who do not work in the manufacturing sector do not know much about that field. Here are three interesting facts about the manufacturing field. 

  1. Many People Work in Manufacturing

The manufacturing services Houston TX field employs over 10 million people in the United States. This includes not only those who directly produce items but people who inspect the items for quality, ship the items, and work on the ordering and purchasing side of things. Some of the credentials needed for going into the manufacturing field include:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • The ability to communicate well 
  • Science and engineering knowledge
  • Technical and mechanical skills
  • Flexibility
  1. Most Factories Use Automation

Most factories use some sort of automation to help items be produced more quickly, to ensure worker safety, and for consistency and quality control. Some of this automation includes robots that can perform certain duties faster and more accurately than a person would be able to. The use of automation is one of the reasons why the average manufacturer in the United States produces more value per year than manufacturers in countries that use less automation. 

  1. Workers Receive Training

Because safety is so important in an industry that uses heavy equipment and machinery, people who work in manufacturing receive training in order to operate this machinery safely. Much of this training is on-the-job training, but can also take the form of attending a class or reading a book or manual about a certain task. Workers may also receive training on how to work faster and more efficiently. 

Nearly everything that people use in day-to-day life was produced in a factory, either in the United States or another country. Consider these three facts the next time you purchase an item. 

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