Repairing Your Aircon: Things You Need To Know

Whatever the weather is, people love to stay in a cold place. It might be in the mall or offices; cool air makes everyone relax and rest. And, one way to experience it is through air conditioners. You can see and feel it wherever you will go, providing comfort to people in it. Good thing, there is an aircon available for many uses, so people can also enjoy it even inside their homes. Here are the things you need to know and remember about it.


Can you imagine your air conditioner is unclean? What would you feel if the outside looks of your aircon were full of dust, then the insides were all black and dirty? Yes, it is disgusting. Yet, it could be your motivation to ensure that you will clean it with the help of an aircon servicing company. Besides, it is necessary to do it because of the risks if you will not take care of it. Stated here are the reasons why you should not miss cleaning your aircon:


Many people think that an air conditioner is only for making the room cold and refreshing. But, there is more to it that you need to know, and one of them is it makes the indoor air quality better. It helps prevent the forming of particles, like moulds and germs. Its purpose is similar to what an air humidifier does.

If you experience changes in the temperature made by your air conditioner, do not hesitate to contact an aircon repair service in Singapore. They will help in the cleanliness of your aircon.


An unclean air conditioner affects your electric bill. Due to its slow response, what you will do is to put it at a high temperature, making your bills higher. It is better to call an AC repair service instead of having a higher electricity bill every month.


Having a new air conditioner is good, but if you can repair your old one, why not do it? If you are the person who budgets your money for more necessary things, buying an aircon replacement might not be an easy option. Problems always have a solution, and one of them is cleaning your air conditioner. Search for an air conditioner repair service in Singapore to get assistance.


Cleaning your air conditioner does not only concern the air it produces, but its overall health is the most affected. If it stays unclean, it can create pressure on the aircon parts, preventing their function. If this issue occurs, there is an emergency aircon repair that you can call in Singapore to lend immediate help.


If the air conditioner stays unclean for a year or more, it could not work. And, you will need the help of an aircon servicing company to ensure that it will function again, the way it needs to work. They also lower the risk of arising aircon issues by checking every part of the appliance.


If you turn your air conditioner on, you will notice that it releases heat outside. Even though people do not see it with the naked eye, it affects the environment. Sadly, its effect is a negative one. So, imagine your air conditioner producing that kind of heat, knowing that the parts and insides of the appliance are dirty. Will you like it, especially for the environment?

An AC repair service in Singapore is there to help you clean and repair your air conditioner. They will also let you know what you need to do with your aircon, especially if they see an issue that needs your concern and attention. Replacement is okay, as long as you have already used it for a long time. An air conditioner is known to work for ten up to fifteen years, so if your aircon is already beyond that, you might consider getting a replacement instead of an aircon repair service.



An aircon servicing company has many services and offers for you. They could start from cleaning it, repairing it, changing some parts, up to checking the overall health of your air conditioner. Aside from that, they also give tips before buying a new air conditioner if the cleaning and repair do not work. To help you, these are the things that professionals do during your air conditioner repair:

  • They clean the filters, especially the air filter. It is where the dust is building, making the air warm, not cold. But, you can also clean it every one to four months to ensure that there will be no dirt build-up.
  • Before they clean the air conditioner, they will first check its parts and its problems. If there are issues with the aircon, they will know how to repair it. Sadly, some troubles are not fixable anymore, requiring a replacement part or a new aircon at all.
  • Aircons have fans, and those are condensed and evaporated fans. They clean those to remove dust and moulds that already had a build-up there. They also check other parts, like the coils, electric wires and connections, and temperature.
  • Once the aircon servicing company finishes the air conditioner repair, they will check if there is any leakage on the appliance. It is how they will know if there are mistakes in fixing the aircon.
  • Before they leave, they will inspect the overall condition of the aircon to ensure that everything is fine and in place. They will provide contacts in case something happens after the repair.

These are what happens during air conditioner repair. If you are experiencing issues with your aircon, do not hesitate to ask the assistance of professionals and let them take care of the problem.

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