How Do Hotel Stars Work?

While planning a trip, you might have wondered, “How many stars should a good hotel have?” This is a tough question, as there’s no standard system for ranking hotels. Different organizations assign a number of stars from one to five based on a combination of comfort, service and amenities.

The Basics on a Budget

At the bottom of the hotel hierarchy, one-star properties primarily provide a bed and not much else. Two-star facilities may offer a few additional services. Guests can at least expect to have someone at the front desk all night and a continental breakfast Las Cruces NM in the morning.

It’s worth noting that “basic” doesn’t mean “bad.” Countless hotels manage to stay cheap while still being comfortable, clean and safe places to sleep.

A Better Class of Lodging

While it’s easy to judge hotels at either extreme, in the middle is where opinions are most at odds. Three-star hotels are satisfactory, solid establishments with reasonable prices and a decent, if not outstanding, range of on-site amenities. Four-star hotels are decidedly fancy, having everything that a typical guest could want and staff who may go the extra mile to satisfy special requests.

The High-End High Life

As expected, five-star hotels are where guests spend big money for personal pampering and luxury accommodations. Five-star properties feature lavish rooms, unique amenities and service that caters to each guest’s every desire. Recently, several ultra-posh resorts around the world have claimed more than five stars, all of them unofficially.

Endless Exceptions

While the star system seems all-inclusive, thousands of hotels have no stars to speak of. Many haven’t been rated, and many aren’t in the running. However, this is not really a reflection of their quality.

These places tend to be small and independent, such as family-run inns or bed and breakfasts. Some can boast comfort and personal service comparable to any five-star establishment.

When selecting somewhere to stay, the number of stars doesn’t matter as much as you think. By booking your hotel based on careful research, you can expect to enjoy a pleasant stay wherever you choose.

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