How Can Paint Colors Decide Your Business’s Success

Colors play a vital role in our daily lives. It can directly influence our mood, appetite, and perspective. Bright colors tend to feel light, while darker colors can make you feel melancholic. 

Color is also a powerful form of communication. Colors also have the power to evoke certain emotions and memories. That is why most businesses also build their identity through colors.

Color in branding and marketing is crucial because it creates a powerful impression. Choosing the right color for your business can highly impact its success.

If you want to make more sales or make your team more productive. Color psychology can help you reach your business’ success. Here are some business office paint color schemes you might want to consider before hiring a construction company in Fresno, CA:


This color gives an impression of energy, urgency, excitement, passion, power, aggressiveness, and love. It is no accident that retail stores put up the sign SALE in bold red. The color red elicits a sense of urgency, which is why when emergency alarms go off they usually have rapid red lights coming off as well. 

This is also why the companies who use this color are mostly in the food and beverage industry, multi-media industry, and retail industry. These companies simulate a sense of urgency by using the color red because they want you to buy NOW. Red conveys NOW, which explains the call to action button is commonly colored red. 

With all its power and strong identity, this color can also carry negative connotations like failure and stop. 


Blue is the most favorite color according to a survey. This color gives a feeling of calmness, focus, and authority. Blue is also seen as an indication of security and stability. Because this color communicates security, most companies that use the color blue are banks, insurances, and pharmacies.

Blue is also predominant in corporate offices since it stimulates productivity. Research has shown that people working in blue-painted rooms are more productive.  It’s not an accident that blue is commonly used in technology or social media logos. Blue is the most associated color with communication.


This color sparks emotions like change, warmth, fun, sociability, and affordability.

The orange color belongs to warm colors. Warm colors are inclined to drive people to increase energy, while cool colors create a calm environment. The orange color is vitalizing senses and reveals vibrancy and fun energy.

Orange is associated with fun-energy color. This may be why sports teams use this color as their uniform. Some known companies that chose orange as their brand color are Fanta, Nickelodeon, and Firefox. 


Happy, Joy, Optimistic and Positive are the things that are mostly linked to the color yellow. This color charms the kid inside us since it is a cheerful color. After all, it is the lightest hue in the spectrum. It looks fun, youthful, and energetic. 

Yellow also belongs to the family of warm tones, thus the color yellow spurs emotions better than cooler tones like green and blue. Yellow also has the tendency to create enthusiasm. Thus, helps with clarity of thought and critical thinking. 

Grabbing attention is what yellow is mostly associated with. Thus, yellow can be a very powerful color in building brand identity. Most successful brands that used the color yellow are selling something that sparks joy. Namely McDonald’s, Subway, Lays, Best Buy, and Nikon. 


Colors have a huge influence on how your brand is perceived. Black happens to evoke power, elegance, control, and sophistication. Black when done right, gives a luxurious vibe and exclusivity. 

This color is an unambiguous color. This is why when we think of classic pieces of clothing we instantly consider a black dress and a black suit. It’s dramatic, yet it is explicit on its own. Some well-known companies identified with black are Chanel, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Prada, and Cartier. In opposition, it can also summon emotions like grief and rage. 


This color sparks love, sincerity, femininity, sweetness and compassion. This is why it is a popular choice of color from brands that primarily serve women. 

Pink also has a calming effect. This may be why some sports teams paint their opponent’s locker pink to make them less agitated and more passive. Although, the individual response is different due to a range of personal experiences. 

Pink is associated with sweetness. It is a highly effective color for any brand that sells anything sweet. This is why candy companies also use the color pink for their product packaging. Several big names in the beauty industry that use pink as their color identity are Barbie, Hello Kitty, Victoria’s Secret, and Baskin Robbins. 


This color elicits healing, freshness, zen, and quality. Research has linked the color green to have a positive association with creativity and growth. Even in color psychology, the color green is most associated with nature. 

Most brands that sell healthy food, products, or any brand that promotes wellness use the color green. The color green is also popular in massage resorts and vacation destinations. Green belongs to cool family tones. Cool tones give the impression of peace and harmony. 

Green is also the color of prosperity and abundance. Thus, dark green is also commonly used for money and financial companies. So if you are in the health, fitness, or insurance niche, green is a really good option. 

Choosing the right color for your business should not end in your logo. How your brand will be perceived is how uniform it is throughout your business. Which also includes your commercial space or establishment. Make sure to create a strong and uniform identity by how you present your office.

It will help establish your business identity and is an integral part of what you do as a company. And even as you continue growing your business, remodelling can still help you boost your business.

If you’re from Fresno CA consider partnering with construction companies in Fresno CA. There are a lot of Fresno construction companies that offer construction design services and business remodelling services. If you’re already running a company, business remodelling can also strengthen your business’ identity. You can definitely hire reputable general contractors Fresno CA.

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