Hiring a recruitment agency: Advantages, things to discuss, and other pointers!

Businesses around the world are collaborating with recruitment agencies to address their hiring needs. Agencies with experience & expertise can transform the way organizations hire, manage & retain talent. In Canada, businesses rely on Hunt emploitemporaire for their specific requirements for temporary positions, while the same agency can also handle vacancies for full-time employees. In this post, we are talking about advantages of hiring a recruitment agency, things you need to discuss with aspects that need attention,

Advantages of relying on a recruitment agency

  • Reduced cost of hiring
  • Minimize the length of recruitment cycles
  • Assured experience
  • Expertise in specific industries
  • Transparent pricing
  • Ability to deliver on a short notice
  • Assistance for both full-time & part-time roles

How to hire an agency?

  • Start by understanding what they offer. The role of a recruitment agency extends beyond finding people for different jobs. They are often involved in forming HR policies and deciding various aspects of recruitments, including salary negotiations.
  • Check services. You may need temporary recruits, as well as, full-time employees from time to time. Find a recruitment agency that can handle both. The services offered by such agencies determine their ability to resolve staffing problems.
  • Ask about pricing. Many agencies prefer to work on the retainer mode, while others are more involved in temporary solutions and charge a percentage fee. Ensure that the terms & conditions of pricing are clear and transparent.
  • Ask about their clients. Potential clients have every right to know about the work process of the agency and who they work with. Ask about their regular clients, industries they specialize in, and if they can offer references on request.

Things to discuss

Once you have shortlisted a recruitment agency, figure out how the collaboration will work. It is necessary to mention the extent to which an agency will be involved in regular HR operations, and how your team would be accessing their consultants and services. Streamlining the process is key to managing work, and it is always wise to review these policies from time to time. The idea is to make the recruitment agency a part of your business, because they can help in reducing costs of the HR department and prevent some of the common hiring mistakes. They can also offer ideas on how your company can deal with talent management.

Check and shortlist a few recruitment agencies now, and before you sign up, do check their references and call a few of their existing clients. Want your own business? Visit this site.

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