Getting Employees Motivated After the Holidays

The post-holiday slump is real. It can be difficult to get motivated after having a long break from work and getting to spend plenty of time with family. Going back to work can be a challenge, but it is important as a business owner that you help motivate yourself and your employees. Consider these tips for getting back in the work routine after the holidays.

Provide Incentives

Working towards a long holiday vacation can be enough to put all of your workers in a good mood. After New Year’s, though, it can be more difficult to feel motivated at work. Incentives give your employees a goal to work toward (like an extra day of paid vacation), and this can increase production and overall positivity in the workplace.

Reward Hard Work

Whether you are manufacturing airplanes or shock reducing casters, it is important that your workers take pride in their work. When you see someone putting their best foot forward, it is important that you recognize and reward it. You never want your employees to feel underappreciated. A simple “thank you” to each of your employees can make the post-holiday season a little easier.

Emphasize New Beginnings

New Year’s is the time when everyone sets goals and resolutions that they want to achieve. Why not set goals for your place of business, too? Get your employees involved in the process, and let them help decide what reasonable goals should be. This will get the whole team thinking creatively, and the results can be amazing for the company as a whole.

While it is definitely a challenge to get back into work mode after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it can be easier when you follow these tips. Remember to show your employees that you value them, and you can look forward to a happy workplace all year long.

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