Fat and Protein Content Found in Raw Dog Food

Most pets are considered obese in today’s world because of the foods they eat. Pet parents should be responsible for this since they are the caregivers. Unfortunately, the statistics showing that 50 of American pets are obese is not encouraging. The major mistake people make is feeding their pets the wrong food. Buying commercial food is not enough. Check the composition of the food to be sure that it is right. Below are important pointers for a good dog meal.

Protein Content that Matters

Dog foods get most of their proteins from meats. But, even at that, some meats have more proteins than others. For example, rabbit, turkey, quail, and rabbit meat have higher protein content. 

Other meats with lower protein include beef, chicken, pork, and lamb meats. Therefore, when preparing your raw pet food, make sure to know which proteins you are using. This is why buying from Houston Raw Pet Foods is a better idea because they have different compositions you can choose from.

Fat Content

Dogs also need healthy fat. This ingredient must be considered when preparing raw meals for dogs and cats. Foods such as duck, pork, lamb, and beef have higher fat content than domestic turkey, chicken, and rabbits, which fall on the middle ground. Wild rabbits, wild turkeys, and quail have the least amount of fats. Therefore, as you consider the mixture you include in your raw foods, make sure to factor in such details.

How to Manage Pet Weight

When trying to get on top of the dog’s weight issue, consider the portion and components of your dog food. A good example would be feeding the dog fewer fats and more proteins. This means you must learn about the different fat and protein content of the raw foods you include in your diet. 

Obesity is a real problem with pets today. Don’t take the composition of your raw pet food for granted. Make sure to focus on more body-building foods and not fat depositing.

However, how active your dog is may determine its food composition.

You can feed fatty foods if your dog is active since it will use up all the fats. However, if you want the dog to gain weight, you can consider adding more food to what they are already feeding and not necessarily adding more fat. The point is to opt for healthy food options. 

Alternatively, consider buying commercial raw foods for your pets. With reliable companies, this is possible. You can choose a food composition that matches your dog’s needs.

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