Expose the False Myth About Private Auto Shipping Companies Among People

The car is the second expensive item after your home. Therefore, you take extra care of it. Repairing, maintenance, fuel, and gas filling are all done on time. So, when it is time for you to relocate to a different place, your biggest tension is to transport your personal vehicle.

The biggest problem with employees is that they can be relocated anytime to different cities. Whether it is a different city or internationally, in both cases, people worry about their vehicle. Transporting a car can be a challenging task for inexperienced drivers. Driving a car yourself to long distances can be stressful. Therefore, people generally prefer hiring an experienced driver if it is for a nearby city, or they hire an auto shipping company to get their cars delivered to their destination without any hassle.

Ship a Car, Inc provides the best shipping service to all people who want their vehicle to be relocated. They provide the best car transport service nationwide with door to door facility. They ship vehicles to 51 states in the US. All the car shippers in the team are experienced and professional who have good knowledge about the transport industry and thus, they abide by the rules of every state.

Many people think of shipping their vehicle, but are afraid of using any carrier or private transport. There are many misconceptions about the private auto shipping companies among the mass. We are here to remove those misconceptions and doubts form your mind –

Myth 1: You can Use only one Kind of Trailer for Shipping

Some people know that cars can be shipped only on open trailers where they’re tied with ropes. This may be true, but other private companies provide enclosed shipping as well. In open trailers, your vehicle is exposed to dirt, debris, birds, insects, and other elements, but in the enclosed trailer, they are safe from all these factors and even if the rope unties, your car is still safe inside.

Myth 2: Driving is Cheaper than Shipping

You may think that shipping cost is way more than driving because they charge you for distance, overnight charges, labor charges, etc. however traveling through your vehicle is safer as all your money is saved and your vehicle reaches the destination with you. Incorrect! If you’re traveling your expensive car to a faraway city, you’ll be paying a good amount of money on gas.

Moreover, you’ll have to take breaks at every gas station to check tires and gas quantity to refill. Moreover, needless to say, the wear and tear that your car will suffer will increase your repair and servicing cost.

 Myth 3: All Auto Shipping Companies are same

Yes, Of course, they’re all the same because they’re in the same business of shipping vehicles to different locations. However, the pricing, values, service, knowledge, and professionalism is different in every company. In every sector there are good companies and bad companies, you can check online the company’s review before deciding.

There are many things that you may come across online. Every company has its own rule and pricing. You may look for the lowest and cheap rate, but they don’t need to better, but it is also not true that spending extra money will get you good service. It is wise to check their online reviews and ratings. Take references if they have any. Trust, reputable and professional companies will never deny any request made by you.

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