Enjoying Yoga At Home

The past year has been extremely inhibited for all of us. It’s seen us staying at home, avoiding the outdoors to keep ourselves safe and healthy. If you’re anything like the average  Singaporean, you’ve been mindful of what activities you choose to do outdoors. One of these activities may be hitting the gym, exercising, jogging, taking walks, or other leisure activities. This isn’t ideal: your body needs exercise, and you simply won’t get much of it by choosing to stay indoors. This means you’re not getting the adequate amount of exercise your body needs to keep trim and in top shape.

But if you’re a resourceful person, you might already know that staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean not getting into shape. Many stay at home people like you and me are turning to home exercise to keep your bodies healthy!

Some lucky people may have home gyms or gym materials, but for the rest of us here, there are other exercises that you can try out without any need for supplies or equipment. For example, zumba is a rising favorite, and dance sessions can absolutely be done in the safety of your own home.

Yoga: a classic staple for at-home exercise

Another suggestion for at-home exercising is yoga. It’s perfect for those who don’t want the high intensity of dance classes but want something to stretch their muscles and even relax at the same time. You don’t need many materials to get started on yoga, just a comfortable mat, maybe some comfy yoga wear, and an open perspective on things. This popular exercise allows you to stretch muscles that you don’t normally use and acts like a stress reliever for those who spend much of their day hunched over or staying in a single spot. It is also good for those who want to keep flexible without the strain of more intense workouts.

The benefits of yoga for you

Yoga isn’t just a way to exercise. It’s got many health benefits that you should consider if you’re choosing to start at-home exercising. It can improve posture, bring relief to back and muscle pain, even help with arthritis symptoms. It helps improve balance, stamina, and improve flexibility. Some may even say it has emotional and mental benefits: that it helps you sleep better, manage stress, and give you positive energy.

Yoga and your clothes

Now that you know that yoga might be good for you, you might be deciding to take a shot at it. There are many ways to enjoy yoga as a beginner at home: through livestreamed sessions, online gym classes, and even through youtube videos. There is minimal preparation necessary, but don’t forget the last ingredient: your yoga attire!

Yoga requires you to bend, stretch, and position yourself in ways you might not normally be accustomed to.  it is also important for one to be in an outfit that allows you to do this well. Yoga clothes supposed to make you feel more comfortable with the exercise. Imagine the kind of discomfort you would feel if you wore a regular casual outfit to yoga class– form-fitting shirts make you feel warmer and less able to move, and material like denim won’t allow you to stretch without it rubbing against your skin.

Dressing yourself for yoga

Yoga clothes are essential for the best experience you can possibly have while exercising. They’re supposed to be unobtrusive and comfortable to use both at home and in the gym when you practice. A shirt and pants may be good enough, but what if you want the best attire that will help you practice and exercise with ease? .Let’s see some secrets to dressing that can help you out!

  • This is one of the most important things to note! Tying your hair back so it doesn’t fall over your face is important when you’re practicing some positions that require you to bend your back.
  • Yoga tops. A shirt that fits you right is essential. Not one that’s too tight and doesn’t allow you to breathe, nor one too loose that it rides up when move.
  • Yoga pants. Same as your yoga shirt! Don’t get pants that are too loose. Find a garment that is lightweight, and made of a comfy material that isn’t too hot.
  • Shoes? Nope, none needed.The fun thing about yoga is that it’s an exercise where you’re encouraged to go barefoot. Your foot muscles are involved in the exercise and you’ll find that yoga is easier without shoes.

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