The Importance of Online Expense Management Software

When you are a business leader especially with a startup company or a small-medium enterprise (SME), you would have second thoughts about getting anonline expense management software to better track, record, and manage your organization’s finances.

The hesitation is understandable, you probably think that expenses management is something that you can do on your own. Perhaps, you are right, not to mention that you are still growing your company and business, you still have a few people to manage. There is no harm in being positive, and there is no saying that you cannot. 

However, in this article, let us prove to you how important business expense management software is for your organization and your company. 

The importance of an online expense management software

1. Accurate data keeping

Just like any other account management software, a spend management solution offers accuracy. Unlike when you do accounting things manually, you would have room for error instead of improvement and more time. When you are tracking your expenses and managing your money, being accurate is the only way to go. One slip up can mess up the whole equation and computation. Even a small error of a missed comma or an overlooked number seven or one can do a lot of changes when you total everything.

With expense management software, you can track the expenses you had both in online stores or services and things you purchase directly from the store. You can do this by inputting the amount directly to the software. A better way to maximise the online management software is also with your bigger amount of expenditure. This way you can be wary of the whole amount you are spending, from payroll to office expenses, to even your utility budget. 

2. Better budgeting

Speaking of budget, you would not have any problems with budgeting your corporate finances. In business, there are times that your hand would be forced to spend more in a corporate aspect. For example, your business would have to sponsor a corporate event for better marketing and business development purposes. You can easily set a budget and follow it. There would be a simple breakdown of everything you need to pay for, and you would have a visual tracking of every dollar spent.

So, if you have allotted your marketing people say, $10,000 for their corporate event, with an online expense management software you would know where that amount of money has gone. You can stay updated on the fly or as your staff prepare for the said event. As a whole, you would also see how this event would affect your overall budget, allowing you to adjust and refill your jars as fast as possible.

3. Better compliance

This one refers to how your staff would be handling the said money or budget. Not to impose that your staff are not trustworthy, but it is only to make sure. When you hand out petty cash to your employees, it is easy to slip in a single Starbuck drink and call it under the transportation expenses. Sure, it is merely a two-dollar drink, no big deal right? However you know what they say, unconscious habits are worse and more difficult to address. You may think that you can scold your staff and remind them not to do it again. However, you need to do your part to implement better and more strict compliance.

With a spend management software that you and your staff would have to use, you can be sure that your employees would spend your business money on important business and corporate stuff. The software would know where the lapses would be and who would be responsible for it, just in case, there would be bad apples lurking amongst your staff.

4. Lower upkeep

It is the part when you would know how an online expense management software would save you more than you are shelling out for it. It all boils down with the staff you would be hiring to manage your expenses and tax. It can be two different roles or you can hire an accounting expert to do both jobs at a higher price. Of course, it would be worth it for you, because this way you do not have to deal with it on your own. However, you can remedy this by having an online expense management software where the only thing you need to do is input everything and the rest is confetti.

5. Gain access to software upgrades

Here is the thing that you should always remember, when you buy an exclusive software service, you would also have special upgraded features than those you see online. Not to compete with free software versions on the internet, because after all, they are free of charge. However, the features would largely differ, and it could affect how the online expense management software would function. Free software can only guarantee you basic and few services while a premium one such as the one Volve Solutions provides for our clients would be superior.

With expense management software, you would not have to think of expiry dates of trial versions. A reliable software would have everything you need from registration manual, to tutorials, to formulas you would need for computation.


Managing, tracking, and recording your corporate expenses is not something you can do during your free time. It requires absolute accuracy, precision, and compliance. It is money and finances that we are talking about. Hence you need a reliable spend management solution to help you do this, especially when you are an SME owner. No need to hire new staff for this, with an online expense management software, you would be all set.

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