Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer

Despite our differences, there is something we all have in common—washing our clothes. Doing laundry can be a daunting task in our everyday lives. The process of washing, drying, putting them off inside the closet. Does this cycle ever end? No. You see, one day after another, we have to do it again. This cycle never ends and will continue to be that way. The good news is that you do not have to suffer experiencing this never-ending cycle.  All you have to do is look for someone who would wash, dry, and fold it for you. That is what a dry cleaning expert in Singapore can do best for your clothes. However, if you do not have any money to spare, doing these tricks can make your clothes last longer. It can also make your laundry a lot easier. Keep an eye out of the following dry cleaning and laundry services tips below.

Use Razor for Removing Pilling

Use this instead of fabric shavers. You see, not only are they more affordable, but it would also be a lot easier for you to remove those excess fabric showing on your clothes. 

Different Type of Hanger and their Application

  • Plastic
  • This hanger may come in various shapes, colour, and style, but they are perfect for hanging polo shirts, blouses, and even pants. You can also use it for your dress, strappy tops, and skirts, but make sure to snap some snips on both ends.
  • Wood
  • You can use this type of hanger for clothes that are quite heavy, such as jackets, robes, and sweaters. 
  • Non-Slip 
  • As the name suggests, this hanger prevents your clothes from falling. This one is ideal for strappy styles and silky garments. 
  • Metal
  • For this one, you can use it for clothes that weigh so much like trench 


  • Padded  
  • You should use this one if your clothes have delicate fabric. 

How to Take Care of Swimwear

Whether you wear bikinis or rashguard as your swimwear, you should know how to take care of it. That way, it can last for a long time. So, if you are unsure how to do it, follow the steps below. 

  • Rinse your swimwear in cold water. It would help to remove the sea saltwater or chlorine.
  • Better hand wash it than throwing them off to the washer.
  • When drying them off, do not twist to squeeze the water out. Let your swimwear dry out under the sunlight.

How to Wash Delicate Fabrics

  • What a dry cleaning expert in Singapore does best when washing clothes with delicate fabric is to soak it in soapy water for fifteen minutes. Soaking it would remove the dust, bacteria, and other dander trapped inside. 
  • If it has a musty smell, drop a four tablespoon of baking soda and a litre of cold water. Let your clothes soak for one hour, before washing them like you usually do.
  • When drying them in the dryer, add a few face towels. That way, it would absorb the excess moisture your clothes have. This method would dry your clothes faster.

Steps for Stains Removal

Accidents could happen anytime, especially you spilling some liquids on your clothes or any fabric. This kind of situation often occurs during the holidays. So, to give you a heads up, here are the things you need to do when dealing with stains. 

  • First, do not panic. Calm yourself, and keep it cool. That same goes to the fabric you have stained. So, soak it in cold water before washing it with your hands.
  • For oily stains, you should use a few drops of solvent instead. You see, if you use water on it, the smear will spread.
  • However, do not use solvent when dealing stain on vinyl, leather, and synthetic. You see, as what dry cleaning expert in Singapore always say best, using solve on these fabrics could ruin its texture, 

WARNING: Just in case you stain your curtain, bring it over to the dry cleaning expert in Singapore instead. That way, you would have to trouble yourself with what you need to do to prevent the smear from spreading. 

Pressing Matters

  • Cut Back a Little On Your Iron Obligation 
    • You have too, especially if you do not know what temperature you should use. You see, if you iron your clothes incorrectly, you might burn its fabric.
  • Clean Iron Press Clothes Well
    • It does since it does not leave any mark on it. So, before ironing your clothes, make sure to clean its plate first. That way, you can rest assured there are no burned piling marks on your clothes. 
  • Know Your Fabric for Better Pressing Matter
  • Cotton
      • To remove its wrinkle, make sure to place the right side up. However, for dark cottony clothes, iron it inside out. It would prevent the fabric from fading.
  • Corduroys
      • On the other hand, you should place this one right side down, and gently press the iron across the board.
  • Embroidery & Laces
      • Perform the same thing as Corduroys, but press it as gently as possible. Remember, to control how much pressure you use.
  • Metallic
      • Set your iron on the cooling mode since hot temperatures could ruin its condition. After that, place a thin cloth over your metallic clothes. It would help to protect its fabric.
  • Knits
      • Similar to embroidery and laces, knitted clothes have delicate fabric. So, when ironing it, remember not to drag your iron across the board. What you need to do is press and lift. Do the same things until all areas are well-pressed.

If you cannot remember all of these, then bring your clothes over to The Laundry Club. They are offering cheap laundry services throughout Singapore. 

Did you find these dry cleaning and laundry services tips helpful? If yes, why not share your thoughts about what happened. Write your experience in the comment section below!

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