Different types of online advertisements

We all know the fact that every day a person is bombarded with different types of advertisements on different platforms which can be either online or offline. Nowadays online advertisement techniques are more common among people and their results are far better than the offline modes of advertisements. Every company whether small or big is making their account on a social media platform and uploading various offers and deals on them just to grab the attention of customers. The free ad sites in UAE are mostly used by every company to promote their selves. 

There are so many ways and techniques to do online promotion. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Display advertising: It is an online paid advertisement type that displays various texts and images. The most common display ads are banners or landing pages and even popups. For the display ads, you don’t need to search for them. They just show up on the screen you are working on. This is the most commonly used advertisement as unintentionally also the people are getting knowledge about a brand.
  • Search engine marketing or optimization: These are two types of advertising that promote the content when a customer searches a particular keyword. In SEM the advertising pays for each click that the user does for the website. On the other hand, SEO is a descriptive type of high-level content that can attract people. SEO is organic marketing and one of the successful type of online advertising.
  • Social media: If the business is having a low budget for the advertisement then it can move to social media advertisement. No matter how much budge is it is always better to do social media advertisements as it can target people at large. If you are into B2C sales then advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. if you are into B2B sales go for LinkedIn.
  • Pay per click: As the name explains the concept behind this type of marketing is that the company will be payable when the customer clicks on it on the advertisement links. It is one of the fastest-growing types of marketing as it has been concluded in the trusted studies that more than sixty percent of sales of products are done through this advertisement.
  • Affiliate marketing: In this type of marketing promotion of the company’s product is done and the advertisement company gets some percentage of sales as commission. For this mostly bloggers are asked for promoting the products as they have a massive number of followers. Companies collaborate with them to promote and increase their sales. 
  • Video ads: If you are watching a video online or playing a game you might have come across a promotion video. This is the video ad that tells about the company products and offers on it. Just by watching or playing the game, the customers are targeted with the promotional tact.

All these are some of the best examples of digital advertisements these days the company can go with any of them or can post free ads online UAE.

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