3 Ways Singapore Incorporation Services Helped My Company

One of my goals was to move to Singapore and start a business selling makeup made from my formulas and recipes. I saved and planned for years to make this dream happen; after moving to Singapore, I saved up a hefty percentage of my paychecks for my capital, drew up a business plan, figured out my business structure, and straightened out my finances. However, to officially open up a business in Singapore, you must first go through Singapore company incorporation.

When I first approached Singapore incorporation services, I thought I would only need them for said incorporation services that would help streamline the registration process of my company. I was pleasantly surprised that they offered more services that could help my business blossom. Here are all the services they provided that helped my company grow.

Company Registration

Singapore incorporation services guided me through registering my company step-by-step, ensuring I would never get lost during the process.

Firstly, while I did ensure that I had completed all of my registration requirements, Singapore incorporation services still double-checked each one so that I’m sure I didn’t miss a condition. After all, if I do, I’ll have to go through the registration process all over again. They also briefed me on the different types of entities I could set up. With their advice, I registered my company as a private limited company.

Company Secretary Services

One of my employees temporarily acted as my company secretary during the early days of my business. Still, as it continued to grow, I knew I needed a professional company secretary. A private limited company didn’t need a qualified secretary, but it was still in my best interest to get one anyways. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the incorporation services that have been helping me with my registration also offer company secretary services in Singapore.

Their company secretary services in Singapore provided my company with an organised secretary with over thirteen years of experience and time-management skills that ensured we’d never miss a deadline again. We also have 24/7 access to the incorporation services if we need something urgent.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll regulations can be challenging to understand, so I contacted Singapore incorporation services and outsourced my payroll. By outsourcing my payroll, I no longer worry about learning foreign loopholes and rules. I can also rest assured that my payroll meets the requirements and complies with the regulations. My employees are always paid on the dot, with itemised pay slips. Any overtime payment is calculated, and any employee who doesn’t meet their monthly obligations will have their paycheck prorated.

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