Book Your Dream Paris Getaway

Travelling is like soul food. The more you travel the more you appreciate the world around you. For any traveler, Paris is somewhere you can find yourself in art and delicious food. You can soak in the Parisian culture as you sip fine French wine. The most popular destination in the word owns up to its title with millions of tourists coming to visit. You can strike off Paris from your bucket list as well. All you need to do is plan and pack. The first step is to get your research done from air tickets to the time of the year you should be traveling. Save some bucks by booking in advance for the travelers on a budget. You can visit here for more flight information and finalize a date.

The best time to visit Paris

Paris is a delight to visit at any time of the year. But if you don’t like the cold too much you might not want to freeze yourself during the winters. You can plan your visit from the month of April to October. You might get to behold the site of Parisian gardens all around. Avoid the months of June, July, and August as they can get really hot. If you don’t mind mild heat and rain you can choose April, May, September, and October.

How to get there?

Paris has three airports, namely Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, and Paris Beauvais. Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport has the most connecting international flight connections all over the world. Once you reach the city you can take the train to Gare du Nord train station or you can take a taxi or a shuttle. It can get overwhelming while booking the tickets and choosing the most affordable option. It can get taxing on your pocket. One way is to book a lot in advance and compare flight prices. You can find the most pocket-friendly tickets to Paris from Hong Kong.

When to book the tickets?

You can get on to tracking the ticket prices for your vacation for the best price that is available. Try going through the prices on a weekly basis and pick the one that suits your schedule the most. If your schedule is flexible enough you can pick up the months with a lesser amount of crowd. The ones with spontaneous plans can also go through the last-minute deals on tickets to Paris. Book a round trip ticket to save some up for all the Parisian shopping. You can cover the distance of approximately 9600km in almost 12 hours. So, prepare for a long flight and pack some comfy clothes and neck pillow in your carry on.

Where you should stay in Paris?

Paris is very versatile and big to pick where to stay. You should book a hotel or an Airbnb that is accessible to the train station. The place that is well connected with metro stops would be a convenient choice. A little commute time will be more affordable than picking a location that is close to a specific famous site. Each place in the city has its own vibe and feels everywhere. You can also make a choice depending on the experience that you are looking for in Paris.

You will feel more relaxed and comfortable away from the blur and crowd of the city. Pick a location with enough nice cafes at a walkable distance. Avoid the main city attractions like the Eiffel Tower to stay. The prime locations like Champs Elysées will be expensive and crowded with tourists from around the world. A more local location like Latin Quarter and Saint Germain or Marais will be a better bet for you.

What to see in Paris?

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is a part of everyone’s checklist when visiting Paris. You can visit the site both at the day and nighttime to gaze at the 300m lit-up marvel. You can explore other big sites like Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe for the French Gothic architecture. Save a day to visit Museums and Moulin Rouge Paris which is the largest museum in the world.

After booking your tickets, you can get on to making a list of things to do and food to try in Paris.



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