Can Computer Gaming Help to Improve Life Skills?

Are you one of those people who think computer games are a complete waste of time and efforts? Well, think again! Here are some interesting ways in which computer games are helping us each day we play them. They benefit us by teaching us some important life skills that we fail to notice. Read along and tell us whether you agree or not!

Helps You Arrange and Organise

We all respect hygiene and hope for a neat and tidy house where everything is spic and span. What is the ground principle that governs hygiene? Having a proper place for everything. We are taught by our parents to keep things in their appropriate places. It is a habit that helps you be organised and arrange things in a proper order. There are computer games that help you practice the same ground rules. The best example is that of Indian rummy games available online.

Don’t you enjoy arranging the cards in order before you start playing rummy card games online or offline. Most of us enjoying keep all the cards in their proper places so that picking up the cards becomes easy while playing. Apply the same rule to daily lives and you are bound to have a much cleaner home.

Teaches You New Words Each Day

An avid scrabble player is sure to understand this benefit very clearly. Scrabble used to be a word game played on boards with wood tiles. Thanks to the advancement in internet, now the game can be played on your smartphone devices. The game is an effective way to improve English vocabulary. The game is like a reverse crossword and only someone who has a strong vocabulary can win the game. In the past, it was necessary to have friends who are equally keen on the game to practice the skills. Now, you can simply do that by downloading this game app online.

Provides a New Means to Socialise

While most people fret about how mobile phones have reduced the socialisation of individuals, this is not a real worry. People haven’t stopped socialising. It is just that the medium for socialising has changed completely. The different online games also provide chat windows where individuals can chat with other players in the game. It provides lot of room for socialising.

Keeps You in Touch with Numbers and Calculations

The number of games available online are not limited to games from India or popular games. There are mindboggling and quite challenging game options like Sudoku and Kakuro too that you can solve on different apps. The Mensa Puzzle too is a challenging way to keep your mind active. These games allow you to stay in touch with calculations and numbers.

Helps You Explore Art

The mobile phones can also be used to paint and try new art styles. When we are limited to our little home, the exposure to art is limited and greatly depends on the people in the family. This is not the case when you have a smartphone device with interesting apps that allow you to explore art.

Helps You Multitask

Doing many tasks simultaneously is indeed an art. It is not simple and you need a good attention span and thinking ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. That is a skill most frequent computer gamers tend to develop naturally. Since they need to shoot at the next character coming along while still managing itself through, this trait is common in computer gamers and video game players. The ability to multi-task also helps greatly in work-life.

Helps You Manage Time

Time management can decide how your life is running. A person who is good with time management is also good with several other things. He will also be good at maintaining work-life balance. Gaming also helps a person learn time management because the games need you to complete a certain level within the assigned time span.

While addiction to computer games is definitely not desirable, computer gaming is not as hazardous as it seems. If you maintain the balance and play the games within the desirable limits, the games are not going to harm you in anyway.

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