Best Smartwatches On The Market

When smartwatches were first released only back in the early 2010’s, many thought they were a gimmick and something that wouldn’t survive in the market. However, fast-forward ten years and now you can’t walk down the high street without noticing someone with a smartwatch and have become a hugely popular device. With the market being so flooded now, we take a look at some of the best smartwatches available now on the market.

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Of course, if you are an Apple lover, then there is only one way to go with the wearable tech and that’s of course with the new Apple Watch Series 6. Quite easily the best Apple Watch yet due to it’s always-on display, impressive health movements that it is now offering and if course impressive performance which comes with all Apple products. The only limitation to the Apple Watch now is that the design is starting to become outdated in design as it is still the same as it was when initially released.

If you aren’t an Apple user and prefer Android then the best device for this would be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Quite easily the most accomplished device from Samsung who have a range of wearable smart watches and this Watch 3 is easily the best designed and developed watch on the market. You can tell that this is a premium device due to its design and usability and our favourite part of the watch is the unique rotating disk which ensures that navigating through the smartwatch is one that anyone can enjoy.

Smartwatches have been able to advance to the levels that they are at right now due to improved tech and mainly down to the rate that technology is evolving. Other industries have also been a beneficiary of this such as online casinos here at CNOG due to many of these casinos attached able to benefit from apps now being available for them to gamble on the go. Attach this with the introduction of 5G nationwide, we are seeing more and more able to get their gambling fix on the go.

And finally, if you are looking for something more fitness based then the Fitbit Versa 2 is the best fitness smartwatch on the market. Fitbit have always been the industry leader when it comes to wearable fitness tech and the Versa 2 confirms that. Great battery life, expected impressive fitness trackers and now with the introduction of Alexa, the Fitbit is keeping up with the big boys. The Versa 2 is also a lot more affordable than the other two on this list and might be somewhere to start if you are looking for a smartwatch.

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