Regulation Volleyball Net Heights

Determining the correct volleyball net height for your players and team is very crucial for many reasons. As a volleyball player or coach, knowing the right volleyball nets heights is essential for understanding the game’s rules and preparation for the game practice and official matches. Regulation volleyball net heights of outdoor and indoor volleyball games vary between genders, age groups, number of players on the team, and the players’ abilities. It is wise for better training to follow these guides and ensure that your volleyball net height that you set is ideal for your team practice. So, how tall is a volleyball net?

Regulation Outdoor and Indoor Volleyball net heights

Before you start measuring your volleyball net height, it is wise and helpful to understand that the volleyball net heights should exceed ¾ the standard height under no circumstance. Also, the measuring should be done from the center of the volleyball nets. While there is some difference in measurements between the size of women’s and men’s nets, it will be helpful to give you the required height for all the age and gender choices. The guide findings are entirely on global standards, and as a coach, you should work or research for more detailed information to achieve accuracy and better training grounds for your team.

Men’s Height

While the volleyball regulation net height for men is seven feet and 11.22inches, which is equal to 2,43 meters, the same applies to disabled men’s teams. On a special regulation to all men who fall in the age group of 55-75+ are allowed to reduce their net height to an appropriate size. According to volleyball and other regulatory organizations, the standard men’s net height is seven feet, 11.22 inches, which translates to 2.43 meters for age groups of 75+; the required size should be at least six inches; this depends on their ability.

Women Volleyball Height

The same applies to men when it comes to measuring the volleyball net height; the measuring should always start at the center of the court, and the ¾ rule still applies. If you are a female volleyball coach, then this is your heights; a standard team should have their net raised to seven feet and 4.33 inches tall, translating to 2.24 meters. No regulations are limiting or governing different age classes in women; as a coach, it is your choice or the sports committee’s choice to agree on the required height. And if you cannot reach any of them, then an age group of 45+ women should practice in seven feet and 2.19 inches or a 2.19 high.

How to Choose the Right Volleyball Net

Before making any move towards choosing or even buying, it is wise to take your time and try to learn more about different materials used to make different volleyball nets. Ask friends or fellow volleyball coach before making a purchase. It is also wise to buy a strong net, which will give your team the best training throughout the season. Price, quality of the net, and the net size should play a role in the type of volleyball net you buy.

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