A Guide From Yogyakarta to Borobudur By Bus

If you are reading this report, you have likely been on the lookout for Yogyakarta to Borobudur space. Many vacationers speed this cultural city as one of the most admirable cities, not just in the country, but also on earth. Not only is this mesmerizing city full of culture and historical landmarks. Additionally, it is full of hospitality and warmth.

Yes, the mixture of the natural and cultural sites and the people and the food is second to none. Those who have been to Yogyakarta constantly have loads of items to do. Regardless of the attention, the town has a lot to offer you. One of the most well-known attractions is undoubtedly the Buddhist temple complex at Magelang, Candi Borobudur. Even though the temple itself isn’t found in Yogyakarta, tourists make the city their home base and have a day excursion to visit. First time travelers are usually in the dark about how to go to the temple out of Yogyakarta. If you’re one of these, you have arrived at the ideal place. Keep reading to find out the many ways you may receive from the town to Borobudur Temple.

Exploring Yogyakarta is always enjoyable, but it won’t be finished with a day trip to Borobudur Temple. Located just out of town in Magelang Regency, many first-time tourists typically search for an advantage. They almost always wind up using taxi service to move all of the ways up into the temple. For a return trip, this will cost you more than 300,000 Rupiah. Though convenient, it’s costly. But with the lack of public transportation, is there any other alternative?

  • By Bus From Terminal Giwangan

The route from Jogja to Borobudur Temple is a tourist path. So it’s easy to locate public transportation that connects the two places. To go to Borobudur temple in Jogja, you can take a direct bus to Borobudur destination in Terminal Giwangan or out of Terminal Jombor. Buses that have the Jogja-Borobudur course are small in size and usually not in a wonderful quality, but still the ideal choice. Bus to Borobudur is minimalist but doesn’t have any air conditioning. The space between seats is concise even for its dimensions of the local men and women. Overseas tourists have been advised to sit in the rear seat that has broader legroom.

Giwangan is the most crucial terminal of Jogja, also Jombor subterminal. This bus route is derived from Giwangan – Jombor – Mlati – Muntilan – Borobudur terminal. Bus from Terminal Giwangan into Terminal Jombor will include passengers. From Terminal Jombor, the bus continues the journey to Borobudur. Buses generally still take passengers around the road. They are employees, students, and dealers. If you want new friends, local passengers are often friendly to talk with. But please be cautious with luggage while riding this bus since there is always the chance of pickpocket activity in it.

  • By Bus From Terminal Jombor

While waiting for new passengers, there are usually singers who sing about the bus and request coins. The bus stops at the Muntilan terminal in approximately 15 minutes. Occasionally around 30 minutes in the event the bus comes with just a few passengers. From terminal Jombor to terminal Borobudur is about 1 hour. Bus fare is approximately 15 million. Generally, the fare for overseas tourists is a little more costly. From Borobudur terminal to Borobudur temple it’s possible to walk or ride bike taxis (Ojek). Ojek roughly five thousand rupiahs. After approximately two hours, then the bus arrived at Terminal Borobudur. The most recent ticket price (2017) for entering Borobudur Temple is 40 million rupiah for national tourists and 25 US dollars for overseas tourists.

  • The Ideal Time to Visit

Borobudur is quite beautiful in the morning, especially at dawn.  Why?  Because during this time, the sunlight can illuminate the temple relief so we can see more details of the temple. The angle of rays coming right drops on the building of the temple from the side.  In addition, we can also observe the green panorama slopes throughout the temple.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Borobudur by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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