5 Natural Tourist Places in Bandung Travelers Should Experience

Bandung’s tourist destinations are known for their many organic destinations, but most of them are already on the market or too general. So, do you want to try a different natural tourism experience in the city of Bandung? There are lots of natural tourist destinations in Bandung that many men and women know about. So that a vacation to Bandung can be considered “anti-mainstream.” So, here are five Bandung natural attractions that are guaranteed to give you a more enjoyable experience than before.

  1. Situ Cileunca

Bandung is not only called a beautiful city with its culinary offerings and outlets. This city has many natural fun destinations, which can also be the target of some travelers who want to spend their days in Bandung. The destination for this lake can be found in Pengalengan District, a place with fresh and cool air.

Situ Cileunca in Pengalengan can be reached by public transportation from Bandung to Pengalengan, which takes approximately 2-3 hours. Or you can also use a private car and rent from the city of Bandung. The entrance ticket to Situ Cileunca is quite affordable, only IDR 2,500 with a pleasant tourist destination.

  1. Palintang Track

The village, which is located approximately 8 kilometers northwest of Ujungberung, is now a favorite location for tourists and offroad mountain bike lovers. Apart from that, Trek Palintang is surrounded by beautiful places, and beautiful views that are characteristic of Bandung. Even though the roads around the location are damaged, this does not dampen cyclists’ enthusiasm in enjoying this place.

  1. Citarum River

If your traveling buddy wants another experience and a little adrenaline rush while enjoying the water, then occasionally, you need to try out the swift currents of the Citarum River. During the trip, you may pass very strong winds. Furthermore, this period will pass quickly whenever travelers focus on the Citarum river’s rushing water.

The placement of this river is located in Cisameng Village, which can be reached easily from Bandung. The Citarik River, which is located in Cisameng Village, can be reached in about two hours by private vehicle. When you arrive, get ready to pump your adrenaline fast.

  1. Stone Horse Pine Forest

It is called Batu Kuda because of the delusion that a horse can fly to the southwest, especially the Sembrani Horse. But while flying outside Mount Manglayang, his horse fell and couldn’t move to the point where it fell into a pool of water. This horse looks like a rock that resembles a horse.

However, the attraction of this place is not only imaginary horse-shaped stones but many actions can be done at this Batu Kuda tourist destination. They are starting from camping, hiking to cycling. There are lots of beautiful pine trees. The atmosphere is also quite fresh. What’s more, you can see Batu Kuda only by paying IDR 3,000 per person and IDR 5,000 if you want to camp.

  1. Pawon Cave

“Pawon” in Javanese means kitchen, but Bandung pawon is the term for a tourist spot. In Bandung there is a tourist destination in the form of a cave called Pawon. Although not very well known, the Pawon Cave located in Masigit Village used to be very terrifying since it found more than 20,000 individual bones in it.

The findings are concluded as the bones of ancient people, the ancestors of the Sundanese tribe. For those who don’t believe it, maybe you can observe this historic cave by coming directly and just prepare Rp.5,500, which is paid as an entrance ticket. Affordable, right?

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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