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  8 Mistakes You and Property Developers Can Make in the Philippines

Property development entails vast amounts of investment from you, not only financially but time as well. Careful planning is necessary to avoid issues. Since the process can take months, you must do your research before starting your project.

However, you want your project to be successful. Besides hiring property developers in the Philippines to help you accomplish your goal, you need to be aware of the mistakes that may occur during the process.

In this article, you will learn about the mistakes you or your property developers can make during the duration of your project. Why is it necessary for you to know these? Being aware of the errors other developers have made in the past helps you create preventive measures and prepare contingency plans if they are unavoidable. Continue reading if you are interested in knowing more.

8 Mistakes You and Property Developers Can Make in the Philippines

Not Hiring the Best Developers

One of the earliest mistakes you can make regarding your project is not hiring reputable property developers. Since they will be working closely with you throughout the process, you want them to provide essential information and recommendations. They shouldn’t agree to everything you say. On the other hand, they must consider your concerns and suggestions.

The following are some of the things you should learn about property developers before hiring them:

  • Reputation
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • List of completed projects
  • Credentials

Picking the Wrong Location

Regarding which location is suitable for your property developers to work on, assess the supply and demand in the area. If you haven’t chosen anything, this factor should be one of the first questions you need to answer. If you push through with your project without knowing if there is enough demand in the area, you can end up with an empty property, limiting the profit you can make from it. Additionally, prices are significantly lower due to the oversaturation of supply.

Targeting the Wrong Demographic

In addition to picking the right location, deciding what type of property is suitable for the area is equally important. Before contacting the best condo developers in the Philippines, assess your target market. Do they have more than enough choices? Is there a significant demand with not enough supply to satisfy it? Additionally, you wouldn’t want to develop an over-expensive condominium in an area where property value is low. It would limit your profits or end up in bankruptcy. A successful property development relies on whether your establishment fulfils the demands of your target market, resulting in a profit.


Failing to Investigate the Site Thoroughly

Due diligence is a necessary part of property development. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your property can help you determine whether the site is suitable for development or not. Furthermore, it is crucial to look for possible sources of an issue before beginning your project.

If you or your property developers fail to address an underlying issue, it can cost you significantly in the future. While it is true that this step is time-consuming, its significance outweighs any downsides.

Forgetting to Consider Professional Advice

Your property and land developers in the Philippines are there to work with you, not for you. These specialists offer valuable advice that you shouldn’t ignore during the entire process. If they warn you of a possible issue, consult with them on how you can address it.

Never let yourself have complete control over your property development. Allow your experts to have a say in it. However, keep them in check as they might try to impose their preferences on your establishment, potentially ruining your project.

Never forget that you and yourproperty developers should be working together. This means that you should often consult each other when one of you has an idea that might benefit the project.

Poor Financial Planning

If there is one aspect of your project you should never underestimate, it is the price of building materials and overcapitalising on cost. Potential investors stray away from properties where profit is not significant. Factor all your possible expenses before you and your property developers begin the project. Additionally, never forget to set a contingency plan if unexpected costs come. If you are left with an underwhelming profit margin after considering building expenses, taxes, and other necessities, reconsider your strategy or find another property.

Going for Cheap Alternatives

It can be tempting to consider choosing options where you can save money by lessening costs in exchange for cheap products or services. The idea behind it is that by reducing the expenses of developing your property, you can quickly profit from it. For example, you may choose real estate developers in the Philippines who have low fees. Another one is opting to use cheaper materials in constructing your buildings.

However, this reasoning does not reflect what happens in real life. Never underestimate the ability of your consumers to see through inferior products, especially in a competitive market. You should always aim to choose good cost-effective options while reflecting an excellent value for money.

Using Development Funds on a Different Project


The budget you set for developing your property accounts for all of the possible expenses you may have, as well as contingencies in case of unexpected costs. However, it may be tempting to start a different project your real estate developers offer you. You may think that transferring funds to it is an excellent idea. Likely, you won’t be getting your money back in time. Furthermore, it puts you at risk of financial difficulties, such as delays. Avoid going for opportunities until you finish your ongoing property development.


Property development involves careful planning and preparation. It is not advisable to rush the process. While it is nice to think about the profits you can make from it. Money only comes in if your project is successful. Pay attention to these mistakes if you and your property developers want to avoid wasting time and resources.

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