3 Type of Wells Used to Supply Water

Three of life’s essentials are oxygen, food, and water. Water is of course, necessary for drinking. It’s also used for cooking, washing dishes, clothing, and your body. It’s pretty important to have access to clean water in your home. Unless you live in an area with a municipal water system, you need a well. Wells have been providing water for centuries. There are three main types.

  1. Dug Wells

Modern wells are sophisticated and require pump supply Tampa. The first wells, and the simplest type, are dug wells. Just as the name implies, a hole is dug into the ground until water is reached. The sides are reinforced with concrete and the water is brought up by a bucket on a rope. Although there are more modern types, dug wells are still in use in many rural areas.

  1. Drilled Wells 

Most wells today are drilled, using equipment that cuts a circular path through the ground, hence the name drilled well. These wells have the advantage of being able to be much deeper, thus able to reach more water. It is also faster to drill than dig. Drilled wells use pumps to bring the water to the surface through pipes that provide a supply to a home or business. They are able to supply more water than a dug well and large drilled wells are sometimes used to supply some of the water to an urban area.

  1. Driven Wells

A driven well is created using a hardened shaft with a point on it. It is raised and lowered with machinery, repeatedly slamming it into the ground to create the well. A pipe is slipped over the shaft as the well gets deeper. When water is reached, the shaft is removed and a pump installed.

Without water, life would be impossible. Having access to a supply of clean water is a necessary part of a home. Many people have a well. No matter what type it is, the water it provides is certainly appreciated.

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