Why You Should Clean Your AC coils Frequently

If you have air conditioning equipment on which to rely, you probably understand the importance of regular maintenance. But the trouble is, not all agreements on preventive maintenance include coil cleaning. If this procedure was suggested by your service provider, you may wonder why you need to clean the AC coils.

Function Of AC Coils

Their AC coils are some of the air conditioning system’s most important parts. In the air conditioning system, there are primarily two types of coils named evaporator coils and condenser coils. Evaporator coils are coils that are a part of the indoor unit; the primary function of the evaporator coils is to absorb the heat and humidity from the space. Condenser coils are coils which are typically the outdoor unit of the A/C which expels the heat to outside of the building.  

When dust or dirt accumulates in these coils, the heat transfer from these coils becomes less effective which ultimately affects the function of the coil. So it is important that you contact a professional and premium ac cleaning company in Dubai  for your ac maintenance.

Effects Of Not Cleaning The AC coils

  1. Less Cooling

If the coil of the evaporator is dirty it can not retain as much heat as it does. You may, therefore, note that your system operates almost continuously while having trouble reaching the set temperature.

  1. More Energy Consumption

If the coil is not cleaned regularly the system consumes more energy and will cause a steep increase in the electricity bill. The more the system runs without proper cleaning and maintenance the expense will go higher up. So it is important that you clean the ac coils regularly to save up a lot of energy and consumption.

  1. Causes Wear and Tear

Excess heat, pressure and increased running times make parts wear out earlier. Fans, belts, and other elements will have more issues.

  1. Causes Refrigerant Leaks

AC coils can develop external corrosion, especially the outdoor condenser coils that are exposed to smog, exhaust fumes and other pollutants from the outside. Over time, corrosion causes the spindles to crack and holes, allowing refrigerant to leak. As the refrigerant charge is reduced, the ability of your system to cool is progressively reduced.

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