Why should you opt for a server that’s dedicated to your website alone?

For sure there are several hosting options available for online web (business) owners; however, will it be worth shifting to a dedicated one? Do you need one? Let’s head straight to the reason as to why a dedicated server will be worth the shift.


There are some crucial points as to why performance is a vital factor and why several website owners opt for a cheap 1gbps dedicated server. In a virtual server environment, the overall load tends to be higher when working on any kind of application. This is when you are asked to shift to your personal, own server.

Secondly, if you are hosting an application that requires a quick response time, then shifting to a dedicated server must be the move. This becomes a concern because when you use an environment that’s being shared then everything is at a risk. From your resources to other reasons such as websites of other web owners may end up slowing your site. If you feel this is hampering the workflow of your website, then opting for a dedicated server will be a fruitful decision.

Complete Control

If you feel that it is high time and that you must get all the control over your server, then that will never be possible in the case of a server that is shared. You would at one point in time want to configure your server as per your website’s terms and that would not be done when utilizing a shared server. If you wish to have all the control and be the root or the sole administrator of your website, then opting for a dedicated server will be a good shift.

The security level is quite good

Even though in the case of shared servers one cannot access it completely, it is still accessible to a few authorized users. This makes you understand the fact that it could end up being risky for your website (probably when your website starts doing better). But if you use a dedicated server, you can be assured that if any kind of security breaches take place, it solely would happen due to your very own actions. Hence, you are free from impending risks.

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