What should you know about visa renewal Dubai for UAE residents?

If you are looking forward to knowing about visa renewal Dubai for UAE residents, this article will certainly be effective for you. In this regard, you should know that UAE Government allows its residents a grace period of around 30 days for an extra stay in the country after their visa expiry. A resident must renew their resident visa before the end of this grace period; otherwise, incurring fines will be imposed.

Renewing residence Visa

It is essential to renew a residence visa before its expiry. Renewal is the only way through which you can continue living in this country without paying any fines or penalties or facing any legal consequences.

Fines to be imposed for failing to renew

According to the fine system of the UAE immigration, upon expiration of a residence, there will be a fine to continue staying. The fine amount is to be different depending on different factors.

  • AED 100 a day for 1 year or more than 1 year.
  • AED 25 a day during the period of the first 6 months
  • AED 50 a day during the period of the second 6 months

It is important to remember that once your visa expires, the Emirate ID card issued by GDRFA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) also expires.

How early a residence via is is allowed to be renewed?

The normal time limit for renewing some expired residence visas is known to be 30 days from the expiry date. If there is a requirement for renewing this a few months earlier (1-6 months), you have to take special approval and permission from GDRFA.

Requirements and documents needed for the visa renewal

Some specific conditions must be met regarding residence visa renewal. You have to meet every requirement for the effective renewal of your visa. Some of the basic requirements are given below for your convenience.

  • A proper sponsor with the valid residency permit
  • You need to pass a particular fitness test for 18 years old or above
  • A valid insurance card (compulsory in Abu Dhabi and Dubai)
  • Your identity car issues by ICA is also needed to be renewed. An original receipt of the same will be even more useful.

On the other hand, there are specific documents that are required.

  • Online application is to be done through a registered typing office to renew the residency permit signed by your sponsor. The sponsor could be a personal, private sector company, or public sector.
  • Original passport of your sponsor
  • Recent photo of your sponsor

Regarding the employers that are working in the private sector, their sponsoring company is required to submit the following additional documents:

  • Valid trade license copy
  • Valid firm license copy
  • Sponsor’s renewed labor card copy
  • Individuals of 60 years or above need to submit their labor card renewal receipt copy

People sponsoring their siblings, parents, spouse, children, or other family members should provide documents like employment contact’s copy, registered tenancy contract, legalized marriage certificate (if any), latest utility bill, etc. Unless they manage to provide these documents, they would not be able to renew their visa.

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