What Is Assembly Line And What Are The Methods To Use It?

An assembly line is the process of production manufacture of goods and parts of automobiles. It is mainly used for the mass production of different products. It involves a group of individuals who work together to manufacture products in less time. It consumes very little time and the cost of production is also less.

Factory Assembly Line helps in determining the task of every individual and who is going to finish the task is important too. They consider every single step, which is right from determining the task of design to the final checks of the products.

Different Methods Of Assembly Line

·       Team Production

The team production approach is almost everywhere and in every field magnificently. The reason is simple that teamwork combines the effort in mass and produced the desired result. Also, in the Factory Assembly, Line process team production works great to achieve the target in less time, which consumes less time and less effort.

Team production method in assembly line perform the repetitive task in the group of 2-3 people and make sure to check the final quality of the product which matter the most.

·       Modular Assembly

It helps in designing and improving the parallel subassembly line very efficiently. As applied to factory assembly lines such as automobile manufacturing factory, work separately in designing the different parts of the body of the car and then and then joining all the parts together as the final assembly line.

·       U-Shaped Assembly Line

U-Shaped assembly line means that the worker or a group of workers stands not in a straight line but in a U-shaped line to perform a different task. IT has been done because it is easier to communicate with your team member who is not far away from one another.

Straight-line in Factory Assembly Line might be not that useful because of its distance that matters and there might be a communication gap between the first and the last person standing in the straight line. Standing close to each other in a U-shaped assembly line does make sense.

·       Cell Manufacturing

This method is generally used to enhance the ability of machines to do multiple jobs. In this method, robots are used to perform a different operation. Cell manufacturing can easily operate two to three tasks at once with the help of robots. In this cell machine, it is pretty much possible to connect the old machines with the new machines.

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