What are the Ways to Maintain Your Gaming Computer?

It is difficult to imagine life without computers. It has created an effective information system to help streamline the management of an organization. Hence, making it an essential tool for every business, banking, government, entertainment, daily life, and education. Whether you plan for an upgrade or buying a new computer, you must know that maintenance is key to preserving its life, especially if you have a heavy-powered gaming computer! Here are some ways you can do to keep your computer fast and running smoothly:

1. Buy Your PC from a Reliable Store

First and foremost, you would not enjoy a gaming PC that is outdated and possibly rigged by a suspicious seller you found on the internet. Every dollar counts when you want to invest in an electronic device that you would be using for business, personal, and leisure purposes. Therefore, you must only buy them from a legitimate store that offers PCs and laptops in its new and excellent condition. To find a reliable shop, you can:

  • Ask your friends and family

Go around your intimate circle of friends and family whom you trust because they will provide you with authentic stores which they might have purchased from beforehand. However, it does not mean that you take their suggestions as it is. Do your research for each store they recommend to you as well.

  • Read forums

Plenty of people have experienced the process you are going through right now. They would be willing to share their experience with you since they would not want you to make the same mistakes they have made. Comb through some famous online forums, like Quora and Reddit, so you can ask for store recommendations!

  • Explore the internet

While it may take time to verify a store that sells Microsoft Surface models or any brand of laptop, relying on the internet can make this process a bit shorter. An authentic online store would have a secured website complete with a page dedicated to introduce the history and reputation of the store, a contacts page, and easy navigation to explore their products! Remember to take care of your credit card information when you decide to buy your PC online.

2. Break-in Your New PC

After you have toned down the adrenaline rush that came with buying a new computer, you must take your time to get the most out of it. To do that, you must break-in your new PC with these steps:

  • Check the BIOS

Your computer’s BIOS has a role to govern the early stages of the startup process. By checking it as soon as you booted up your computer, you can ensure that all the information and locations about your computer’s hardware are correct and operational. 

  • Update windows

Although new PCs are usually already up-to-date with the latest Windows operating system, you still want to make sure that it has it. This would save your computer from being susceptible to several threats on the web. So, it is a step that must not be skipped!

  • Delete bloatware

Some gaming computers come loaded with unnecessary software, which is often referred to as bloatware. These have no use to your computer and it is best to delete them because they can slow down the performance of your new investment.

3. Consider paying for an antivirus software

Gamers need the stronger protection of a paid antivirus software. The processes of your games can be erased in a snap when your computer gets infected with tons of viruses. If you are not careful in downloading gaming patches, expansions, or any additional content that will require you to download from the internet, you may be looking at a pricey repair service. Thus, from the get-go, it is much better to have antivirus software installed and updated regularly.

4. Clean your actual computer 

Once you have settled organising and ensuring that your computer’s system performance is running smoothly, you must also invest in cleaning tools for your computer’s hardware. Buying a personal computer complete with keyboard and monitors in Singapore comes with the responsibility of keeping them clean. If you are the type of gamer who snacks during their games, you must always clean your desk once it is time for you to hit the hay. Regular cleaning would keep dust and pests away from your precious hardware. Consider preventive maintenance by buying a protective cover for your keyboard to save it from any possible spillage that can happen on your desk.

5. Organise your cables

Your PC relies on electric currents. If these currents get obstructed by a sudden disconnect from its source, it may ruin the momentum of your game and may even give your PC performance issues. More than that, there is a possibility that these entangled wires that are spread around your desk and computer can increase the risk of catching fire, especially if kept in a relatively hot environment. Your cleaning hours will also double since you would have a hard time figuring out which wire goes to which port. To save you from all these troubles, it would only take a few cable ties and organisers to keep your wires neat and aesthetically pleasing. 

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