Truest Solutions in Pregnancy Issues

The difficulty of conceiving a child can represent an ordeal for the couple. When the desired child is late in coming, there are different possibilities.Specific advice and personalized support are essential to support couples in their efforts. These are often long and have important physical, psychological and emotional implications. Going through the click here is essential there.

Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA)

PMA corresponds to the set of techniques aimed at helping couples to conceive a child.

Infertility or hypofertility corresponds to a reduced ability to conceive a pregnancy. More specifically, it corresponds to the inability to conceive after one year of regular sexual intercourse (several intercourse per week). The causes can be multiple; they can be reduced in some cases to a female or male problem, (or both). In other cases, the cause may be unknown. The two members of the couple are thus associated in the process, both the man and the woman.

Most types of infertility can be treated, either by medical procedures (operations, drug treatments), by laboratory techniques (in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection) or by increased monitoring of pregnancy in a specialized environment. By using all the therapeutic options, PMA allows couples to achieve their pregnancy plan in the majority of cases.


Adoption meets the need for a child to live in a family and the desire of a couple to become parents. Adoption is the entire legal procedure for forming a family from another form of parentage than biological parentage.

In practice, just place the stick, as for a pregnancy test , under the urine stream and wait for the result to appear. If it is negative, we start again the next day using a new test (there are usually several in a box). If it is positive, we will know when to get pregnant, so make way for practical work!

A couple can give themselves as many chances as possible to conceive a child by following different measures and “little tricks”. In case of difficulty in having a baby (infertility, sterility, endometriosis), solutions exist.

How to make a child?

1 in 5 couples find it difficult to have a baby because they do not know the right times to have fertile sex. Small useful reminder on a regular cycle (28 days), the 14th day remains the most fertile period, the 1st day corresponding to the first day of menstruation. The 4 days preceding the 14th day of the cycle and the following 4 days are days suitable for fertilization. The best period is between the 10th and 17th of the cycle. But this is purely theoretical. The cycle is extremely variable depending on the women. Some have ovulation very early or very late in the menstrual cycle.

Fertility period: calculation to know it, difference with ovulation

A woman’s fertility is cyclical. The fertility period corresponds to the phase of the menstrual cycle during which a couple can conceive.

Spot ovulation

It is interesting to know the date of ovulation. But it is not always simple. Some women can easily spot their ovulation because they feel it. Others can be helped by ovulation tests.

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