Top 3 Reasons To Visit North Carolina Beaches

If you’ve been hoping for a breezy summer getaway but are tired of the crowds on some touristy beaches, you may have been thinking about giving North Carolina beachfront rentals a try. North Carolina beaches are often more family-friendly and less crowded than some better-known beaches in other parts of the country, but still offer endless attractions and natural beauty. If you’re on the fence about whether you should book a vacation, here are just a handful of the great reasons to visit the underrated coast of North Carolina.

  1. The Beaches Are Peaceful

Whether you’re headed to the popular beaches of the Outer Banks or some of the lesser-known family favorite destinations like Topsail Island or Oak Island in the southern part of the state, North Carolina beaches have a distinctly calm, peaceful vibe. With pleasant weather year-round, the coast is beautiful in any season, but summer beachgoers will find plenty of sandy spaces to soak up the sun.

  1. There’s Interesting History

For history and culture buffs, there are plenty of interesting historical sites to visit. If you’re interested in military and naval history, for instance, the Battleship North Carolina that was once used in the Pacific Rim in World War II is available for visiting in Wilmington. You can also visit one of the famous lighthouses or state parks.

  1. Family-Friendly Activities Abound

If your kids simply aren’t fans of sunbathing, you can always find something else to do in the area. For instance, one popular option is to go deep-sea fishing on a charter boat. Other activities include going jet-skiing or getting surfing lessons.

If you’re in the middle of planning your next vacation but don’t want to go to a crowded, heavily populated tourist spot, consider giving the underrated beaches of North Carolina a try instead. Whether you love sunbathing, learning about surfing techniques or simply kicking back and relaxing Southern style, there’s something there for everyone. The next time you’re headed to the beach, keep North Carolina on your short list.


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