Tips for Finding the Perfect Toupee

Imagine you’re in a windy situation and you find yourself wondering, in front of your client or your date, whether or not your toupee is about to blow off and start rolling away like a tumbleweed. If you are wearing the right quality toupee, you’ll never have to worry about it. When you’re looking for the right toupee, there are so many factors to consider, from a good match to style to comfort. Finding the perfect toupee requires matching your particular wants and needs with the latest hairpiece technology to arrive at the perfect fit.

Create a Base Mould

The perfect fit begins with you and your hairpiece technician understanding the dimensions of your head. Contours, as well as width and length, are critical measurements by which to begin a piece that will fit seamlessly onto your head. Finding a quality toupee White Plains NY will require a sound understanding of how particular materials will adhere to your scalp. 

Match Against Your Hair Type

Another important element to precision is to examine the color of your hair to find or create a suitably contrived color for the toupee. Because of the potential for mismatch, it’s important that you actually bring some of your own hair to the technician, rather than a picture. This will help to ensure the truest match. You are also going to be choosing toupee elements like waves or curls, and the direction that you want the hair to flow. 

Select the Right Hair Base Design

There are several types of hair replacement system base designs. With a lace base toupee, human or synthetic hair is attached to lace that runs throughout the base. These systems are lightweight and breathable. A skin base hair system is made of polyurethane, which the hair is then knotted onto. These are the lightest types of base design but are also not very durable. With a monofilament system, hairs are attached to a mesh that gives the impression of hair growing from the scalp. This s a very durable system. 

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