Things to Remember While Installing Hardwood Floors to Avoid Any Mistakes

Installing hardwood floors on your own is a difficult task. You need to master certain skills and precision over the job. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional hardwood installation company and get the work done. However, if you have decided to give it a shot yourself and follow the DIY steps at home, you need to be mindful of a few things. They will help you install the hardwood floor easily and correctly. Below mentioned are some such tips: 

  • Buy or Rent the Right Tools

Before you proceed to install hardwood flooring at home, you have to buy the necessary equipment and tools. Not just that, you must also know when and how to use them. Roughly you would need a stapler, miter saw fastener, compressor, jamb aw, etc. 

  • Don’t forget to inspect the subfloor 

If your subfloor is in a poor condition, don’t proceed to install solid hardwood flooring on top of it. Before you do anything, make sure the subfloor is levelled. If not, there are various ways in which a subfloor can be levelled. Make sure the OSB or plywood is fitted in the proper place. To make the subfloor uniform, you can even add another level of plywood on top of the already existing one. Put fillers wherever necessary. 

  •  The first Row Must be Straight

You have to place the other woods in respect to the first row. So make sure you have placed the first row of woods straight. Otherwise, there would be evident curves as you lay the other rows on the floor. Also, remember to install hardwoods perpendicular to joists. 

  •   Acclimate the wood

Woods often contract due to lack of moisture and expand due to high humidity. As a result, wood that isn’t tightly fitted contracts in winter, resulting in gaps. Similarly, they expand in summer, causing cupping. Hence, make sure the wood is firmly acclimated to prevent gaps or cupping. 

Even if the wood is properly acclimated it would still expand and contract. So leave about 1/4″ space around its perimeter. 

These are few important things you must remember when it comes to installing engineering hardwood flooring. Even though hiring a reliable hardwood installation company is best suited for this job, the DIY process is enjoyable and fun! Take all necessary precautions and enjoy laying a few floors for your house! 

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