Things to know about Mice and keyboards

The interaction with the computer involves a mouse and keyboard. The keyboard basically allows you to type the letters while the mouse allows you to place the cursor where you want it to, apart from executing functions at the click of a button. Today’s mouse and keyboard in the market allow you to comfortably function and you would not be wanting for a change.

However, it would be good to review your mouse and keyboard especially when you are going in to change the old one. The difference between the cheaper and the midlevel is very great and noticeable and worth investing in. But however, the difference between the mid-level and the professional grade is not very discerning and may not well worth the investment. This is a broad guideline, the exception making the rule. For most applications a good quality, mid-priced keyboard and mouse is just fine.


While there are many cheap and good mice in the market, a good one that may be higher priced would go a long way in the way you work. Here are some pointers in selecting a mouse.

·        Size and shape

How the mouse feels in your hand depends on the size and grip making a big difference on your work.

·        Wired or wireless

Wireless give the advantage of freedom, but the disadvantages are that they can interfere with other wireless systems, can have a time lag in response and the battery needs changing.

·        Extra buttons

The extra button can take the several functions of a keyboard and enhance your performance. Extra buttons is not necessarily for gamers.

·        Sensitivity

Mouse with high sensitivity is preferred specially for gamers. Your mouse sensitivity determines how small a movement you make for the cursor to move. High sensitive mouse does not have the problem of the curser getting stuck and needs to be jerked out of place.


The primary use of keyboard is typing, but a more advanced key board gives you extra buttons for quick media control, volume control, or app launching.

Selecting a keyboard features are similar to that of the mice listed above.

You need to go through the ergonomics, the extra keys and weather it is wired or wireless. It is strongly recommended that you go to a supplier that has a wide range of mice and keyboards.

There are so many features of the keyboard so that it is better to check out before you decide on the one that best suits you.

Tips on cleaning a key board

It is important to keep your key board clean, for functionality and aesthetics. Shut down the computer and detach all connecting cable first. You would want to shake out the loose debris by turning the keyboard upside down. Use compressed air to blow out the dust out from the keys. Use a mini vacuum cleaner and finally clean around the keys with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

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