The Top 4 Safe Ways To Wash Your Laundry This COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many residents and dozens of cities had to stay home and practise rigorous cleaning and disinfection to reduce the risk and spread of the virus. Everything in life has changed drastically, one of which is doing laundry. Some people had to invest in an electric clothes drying rack and washer at home, while others followed the public health experts, such as sending their laundry out.

While solar dryingremains the leading way to launder your garments, there are actually a few strategies you can follow to handle and disinfect your laundry.


Besides getting a solar clothes dryer, it is also a safe way to laundry your clothes through a laundromat. However, health experts suggest being very careful about person-to-person interaction. Avoid any contact with respiratory droplets or inhaling anything that lands on your mouth or nose. The best way is to do your laundry at off-peak times or on less crowded days.


A SMART laundry systemhas got to be the safest and most convenient among all these options. It requires less physical exertion. In addition, homes not getting abundant sunlight may benefit from it. It also generally offers several features, such as a heat pump, condenser tumble, remote controller, and UV disinfection.


If you’re still short on a budget for a SMART laundry system, another thing to do is to send out your dirty clothes to a wash-and-fold service instead of going to and using a laundromat. If anyone in your home is sick or catches the virus, do not send your dirty laundry immediately. Bundle it up and let it sit for a week to protect the laundry workers. According to studies, viruses never survive that long, so give your stuff at least three days or four before handing them out for laundry services.


Aside from investing in a SMART laundry systemor spending cash for laundromats and laundry services, hand-washing clothes at home may still be the best and safest option. Let your electric clothes drying rackdry them thoroughly and sanitise them through its heat features. To reduce the amount of laundry you need to hand wash, a few ways to do that are monthly changing of bedding, keeping a stock of inexpensive extras, or wearing home clothes more than once, if you rarely go out.

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