The Process of Obtaining a Birth Certificate Copy in California

If you are looking to obtain a California birth certificate, the process is relatively simple. The process involves applying to the state of California. It is important to always have at least one or two copies of your birth certificate somewhere safe for various reasons such as obtaining a Real ID or even applying for a marriage license in the future. Without it, you will not be able to move forward with certain applications.

Process of Applying for a Birth Certificate

The process of obtaining a copy of your birth certificate consists of a notarized sworn statement explaining a request to obtain a copy of your birth certificate in the state of California. You must be aware that without this statement, your application will be denied. You must send this statement when you send in your application. You should also be aware that the process is pretty slow if you do everything on your own. There are different companies out there that can assist you and make the process go a little bit faster.

Ordering a Copy

You are not the only one that is legally able to order a copy of your birth certificate. If you have a legal representative or even a spouse, they can order a copy of your birth certificate for you. Your sibling, child, grandchild, parent, or even grandparent can also order a copy on your behalf. There are many third-party companies that can cut the time in half it would take to apply for a birth certificate that you can also take advantage of. It is really that simple. The company would be able to apply online and take care of the process for you with very minimal effort on your part.

Time Frame

Depending on the time in which the birth occurred and if you applied online or by mail, the length of time it takes for your California birth certificate to arrive will vary. Usually, it takes anywhere between 5.5 weeks if you applied online to 6.5 weeks if you ordered it via mail. This time frame is if you were born anywhere between the years of 1905-1957. However, the time frame is 3.5 weeks if you applied online and 4.5 weeks if you ordered via mail for births that took place from 1958 to present. Keep in mind that when you apply electronically, the process is quicker but wait times will vary.

Always keep a copy of your birth certificate around because you never know when you will need it. Maybe you will have to apply for a passport, marriage license, or obtain a copy of your social security card in the near future. Remember, without a birth certificate handy, you will have to put other applications to the side until you obtain one.

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