The Dos And Don’ts Of Getting Funeral Repatriation Services

Expatriates and their families always look forward to returning home from abroad. After being away for a long time, they finally get to spend time with their loved ones again and catch up with their lives. However, not every person is excited about the arrival of their friend or relative—specifically if they are meeting them again through funeral repatriation.

Getting human remains through repatriation services for a deceased loved one can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re still grieving your loss. To guide you through the funeral repatriation process and assist you in getting such solutions, here’s what you should and should not do when flying your beloved back home:

Do: Find A Reliable Service Provider.

When getting funeral repatriation services, pick a provider that prioritises your deceased’s safe flight home. They should also attend to the needs of the bereaved, assisting them throughout the process while helping them understand what they need to do to send the remains of their loved ones home.

Don’t: Forget About The Necessary Files.

Funeral repatriation in Singapore is only possible if bereaved relatives like you prepare crucial documents. You should obtain and submit files like death, sealing, embalming certificates, export permits, and air waybill if the family is flying the remains home.

Do: Build A Support System.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when getting funeral repatriation services. While experiencing such emotion is natural, you should keep it from consuming you by surrounding yourself with love, care, and support from your friends and family.

Don’t: Ignore The Costs.

Repatriation costs vary depending on where the authorities will be picking up your deceased relative and the rates of your chosen funeral director. Before getting repatriation services, ask your FD about the estimated cost of their assistance and ask for a breakdown of their fees to see if their solutions are worth getting.

Remember the dos and don’ts above when getting funeral repatriation services from reliable and capable providers like Flying Home. Visit their website below to learn how they can assist you during these trying moments.

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