Synthetic VS Natural Carpets

Carpets are part of our living and working space for a long time. These days’ new floorings and upgraded models of floors are giving carpets fierce competition. But this never lessens the importance and value of carpets. According to one of the surveys, carpet is still one of the most popular choices for more than 51% of people for flooring around the world.

Carpets are a comfortable, beautiful and elegant choice for your floors. They don’t only provide you with a soft feel under your feet but also high noise and heat insulators. So you will have a peaceful atmosphere around you every time.

Carpets have always been in the process of development; there was a time when only hand-woven and natural fiber carpets were available in the market. But now, thanks to technology, synthetic rugs are equally famous. Both natural and synthetic carpets have lots of types available in the market, and everybody loves them.

Whenever you go to the market for buying a carpet, choosing between natural or synthetic is a difficult job. Each fiber has its own characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. Guide here will provide you with a better picture of both natural and synthetic carpet to help you in making future decisions regarding rugs.

Natural Carpets:

Natural carpets are made by fibers that grow naturally, and people harvest them then process to change them into threads. These natural fibers then turned into carpets, few of the most famous examples of natural rugs are wool, silk and silk carpets.

Synthetic Carpets:

Synthetic carpets mean machine-made carpets, material that is not found in nature and humans have created themselves by combining different chemicals and compounds through machine process. Most popular types of synthetic rugs are Nylon, olefin and polyester. The newest kind which is gaining popularity is Triexta.

Pros and cons of Natural Carpets:


  • Eco-Friendliness: Natural carpets are made of natural material, so they are eco-friendly. Natural rugs provide air filtration. Natural mats are biodegradable and don’t produce volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, which can harm people.
  • Durable: It is difficult to decide which one is more durable synthetic or natural, overall natural carpets are more durable as they have a long life span and can bear heavy traffic more than synthetic rugs.
  • Heat insulators: Natural rugs are excellent heat insulators they keep your cold floor warm in chilly weather.
  • Soft and comfortable: If you want your feet to relax and feel something sweet and plushy every time you lay foot on it, then you are looking for natural carpets. Nothing is more fluffy then wool carpet.


  • Cost: The major drawback of natural carpet is its cost. Few carpets are available in the budget, but many are far too expensive like silk carpets.
  • Prone to staining: Natural mats are difficult to clean when it comes to staining so make sure to go for synthetic one if you are looking for carpets in a home with kids.

Pros and cons of Synthetic Carpets:


  • Easy Cleaning: Synthetic carpets are easy to maintain and clean. Many types come with extra coatings to avoid any stain. A vacuum once in a week is all you need to keep them new for a long period.
  • Cost: Synthetic rugs are no doubt much lesser in value than any natural You can enjoy the benefits of carpets under your budget with ease:
  • Durable: Many Synthetic mats are as durable as natural one like Nylon. That’s why they are an excellent choice for wall-to-wall carpets in many places.


  • Not eco-friendly: Synthetic carpets are not at all eco-friendly, as making involve lots of toxins and they are also not biodegradable.
  • Shedding and piling: Synthetic rug is not the right choice for places with massive foot traffic. Enormous foot traffic can increase chances of piling, shedding and matting sooner than expected.

Last Verdict:

Select what you need rather than what looks good at the shop. If you are looking for rugs in a small apartment with low foot traffic, a synthetic might work well. But in big houses with kids along with nature always work best.

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