Stones Can Bring More Light To Life

Diamonds are the favorites of many people. However, there are many such gemstones that we have never come across or have not appreciated their beauty. Moissanite is one such stone that will reflect your beauty in a whole new way. Therefore, if you are unable to buy the precious diamonds, these gemstones will pave the new road. Are you still thinking about whether to buy them or not? Well, we are here to answer all your questions and resolve your doubts.

Address For Beautiful Rings

If you want to shine like anything, then you can definitely try moissanite or morganite jewelry. Do you think where to get such precious gemstones that can enhance your beauty? Well, Alexander Sparks is the address. These elegant rings will definitely impress any pretty lady. The admirable charm will get a new definition after you wear these stunning rings, earrings or neckpieces. The morganite rings are ideal choices for any wedding couple that will add some more colors to your special day. Those who already know Alexander Sparks and its collection, have praised the sparkling moissanite halo engagement rings immensely. However, some people are still not aware of the presence of these stunning gemstones that can leave a beautiful effect on their lives. So, let us throw some light on the details about the existence of Moissanite and Morganite.

Moissanite Gemstones

Moissanite is a precious stone that weighs about 9.5 on the Mohs scale. Thus, it is almost the same as the diamond in terms of shine and weight. Therefore, this gemstone is one of the hardest substances on this planet and can be a remarkable material for your jewelry. It is very suitable to wear this marvelous stone on a regular basis. Because of this fantastic quality and the guarantee of longevity, this is an ideal option for engagement. Engagement or weddings have some emotions attached to them. Hence, women are not willing to remove these rings from their fingers. But they cannot wear a diamond ring every day. So, for a long time, every girl was searching for a cheaper alternative. Alexander Sparks brings to you the greatest collection of Moissanite halo engagement rings that you can wear all the time, without any worries.

Moissanite rings are a beautiful alternative for the diamond rings. The finesse and brightness of the metal will definitely impress any person with the stunning looks. With respect to the price, it is not as low as any ordinary ring. However, in comparison with the diamond, the costs of the moissanite engagement rings are lower. It becomes quite interesting to see when you can pretend that you are wearing a diamond, where in reality, it is moissanite. This lovely stone does not have any color and is a look-alike of the precious diamond. However, you can find a bit of yellow tint in the natural gemstones. It is very difficult to get the natural and original moissanite in the local market. Alexander Sparks will not disappoint you in this respect and will supply the original one provided you have the willingness and capacity to spend the corresponding amount for the same. If you are not ready to appreciate the beauty of the moissanite halo engagement rings, you will not regret it either.

Moreover, since this stone has a higher refractive index than diamond, you will be thrilled with the sparkling rings. Another name for this gemstone is ‘forever stone’ as regular wear and tear do not affect them. However, it cannot be the same sparkling stone for a lifetime if you do not take appropriate care. So, we can say that it is a worthwhile investment that will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction.

All About Morganite Rings

Along with moissanite, another stone that can bring a big smile on your face is morganite. It is a rare semi-precious stone with several varieties. The morganite rings are also excellent alternatives to the expensive diamond engagement rings. Rather than diamonds, these stones are likely to belong to the family of Emerald and Aquamarine. You can find these lovely stones in peachy pink color and thus fantastic ornaments for wearing on any occasion. The high-quality morganite rings can be available within the affordable range of $300-400 a carat. Some may prefer them as an alternative to the costly pink diamonds. It is basically a type of mineral that consists of properties of both emerald and aquamarine. They can come in both lighter and deeper shades. However, the value of the deeper ones is more. Sometimes, to improve the color, these stones are heat-treated. As a result, the orange or the yellow tint vanish, making a place for a pretty pink color. The stable color will never fade, although you use it regularly. It is a symbol of compassion, healing, and assurance. Therefore, it is a sign of true love that is considered to be divine. This is the reason why many girls love to morganite rings on their engagement ceremonies.

Just like moissanite, morganite is also durable in nature. So, it is a ring that will come with a lifetime promise to strengthen the bond between the couple. You can combine these lovely pink stones with some other material to give a unique look to your jewelry. To keep as gorgeous as a new one, you have to take proper care of the metal and should clean the same on a regular basis. This process will help you to maintain the shine of the ring for a pretty long time. Some people are very much bias about diamonds. But, once they come in contact with these unusual stones, they instantly fall in love with the stunning material.

On the one hand, pink diamonds are so costly that people have to think several times before buying them; on the other hand, morganite is a rare stone that can be a superb affordable alternative. On the Mohs scale, the measurement of hardness of morganite is 7.5-8, whereas that of a diamond is 10. So, you can well imagine that these stones are not very light ones. They can easily give a lifetime service just like diamonds.

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