5 Signs Your Child is Ready for Preschool Education

I could determine when my children were ready for preschool because I knew what signs to look for. Some are sometimes conspicuous, while others get concealed. These obvious indicators indicated that I was sending my child to a Singapore preschool at the right time. However, you should be aware that these indicators are not always present and that your child may still be ready for preschool. Here are signs to look for:

1. They Show Signs of Respect

I wanted to send my child to a top preschool in Singapore, and respect was an essential value to instil in my child from an early age. Many parents are so focused on teaching their children to respect their elders that they forget about the rest. However, I taught my children to respect everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or social standing. Teaching my child respect enabled them to be courteous and considerate toward the strangers they encountered daily. It also encouraged them to be kind to me regardless of their life stage.

2. They Are Toilet Trained

Potty training is a prerequisite for preschool education. In addition to keeping my child content and preventing them from experiencing embarrassment due to frequent diaper wetting, this requirement makes it easier for them to enjoy themselves. My children acquire the ability to use the toilet at vastly different rates. They may be prepared socially and academically for preschool but cannot always remain dry. Although this is not a developmental issue, the preschool administrators where my child attends frequently struggle with this. It was helpful to consider my child’s potty habits and determine if they met the preschool’s requirements.

3. They Enjoy Time Alone

My younger children frequently experience separation anxiety because it is their first time alone. If my child was willing and able to spend time away from me, it’s easier for them to adjust to preschool without upsetting the other children. And when I was uncertain, allowing them to spend the day with a babysitter or family member helped me determine whether they would be upset by spending a long day away from their parents. Regardless, this is a significant indicator that your child is ready for preschool education.

4. They Can Express Their Needs

I considered whether my child had the necessary language skills to communicate their needs in preschool education. Thanks to my excellent parenting skills, I probably always understood what my child was trying to say, but it was worthwhile to consider whether other adults could. Additionally, as children age, they acquire language at varying rates, as is common knowledge. Some three-year-olds can speak in complete sentences, while others typically use three- to four-word phrases. 

5. They Can Communicate With Other Children

My child’s attendance at a Singapore preschool promotes interaction with other youngsters. However, I ensured that my child was prepared to interact with other children and would not become angry or start fighting with them. As often as I managed, I engaged in social activities with my child, which proved beneficial. They had to learn to share, take turns, ask politely and listen to other children and the teacher.

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