Sociology as an Optional: Reasons to Choose It

Choosing the main options for the Civil Service Exam (CSE) is an important task. With a total share of 500 marks, selecting the correct choices will allow you to achieve the success you want.

Standard parameters to look for when selecting an optional subject are:

  • If the subject has a good chance of scoring
  • Duration of the program
  • How difficult is it to study
  • Let it be your taste

The sociology of the subject meets some of the above parameters. Nevertheless, there are numerous causes as to why one should adopt sociology optional for UPSC. Here’s why sociology is one of Topper’s top optional subjects: You will find an optional sociology program here.

High scoring and safe option

Sociology is a high-scoring option and a safe option. Even if you write something related to the requested topic, it is safe that you get the grade. With this option, a score of 180-200 is still possible. Also, it is possible to get a high score of 350 or more. One can practice sociology by undertaking sociology online classes.

Popular choice

This topic is popular with IAS applicants. In the top 10, there is at least one candidate with a sociology choice. Other favourite subjects like public administration and geography have had years of high and low performance. They become unreliable.

Easy Syllabus

Sociology is essentially about society. Topics cover how people play their roles, the consequences of their actions on society as whole, different institutions in society, and the impact of government decisions on other communities. These problems arise in our daily lives and are easy to study and understand. You can study without prior knowledge. Also, this topic is a fascinating study. To better prepare one can opt for sociology test series.

Limited Syllabus

Some of the options listed in the CSE program are extended programs. They are comprehensive. Unlike them, sociology has a limited curriculum that can be covered in 3-4 months. This is an advantage considering the time required to study a general research paper.

Useful for Essay paper

The test paper is the most dynamic role of the leading role. To decipher this article, we need better to understand the various aspects of the world and India. Sociology is valid here. Whether it’s about women’s issues or the impact of artificial intelligence on society, sociology allows you to offer a variety of perspectives.

Aids in General Studies Papers

Specific elements of sociology are present in each article of general research. In the GS I paper, options help answer questions related to Indian society, women’s issues, social empowerment, communitarianism, and socialism. Similarly, the GS II paper includes social sector development and management, vulnerable sector social protection plans, NGOs, self-help groups, and more. They have specific sociological implications. In the GS III paper, economic and ecological impacts in various sectors of society, the spread of extremism, etc.

Helps in the Interview

Interviews can help you recognize the impact of various social failures and governance on the community. This makes it grounded and realistic during the interview. Sociology will help you to have this knowledge.

Resources and coaching

There are many research resources available for sociology. Caution must be taken when choosing what is needed for the IAS exam. Of the same size, there are many coaching institutions for the subject. How do I choose an optional coaching course for the civil service exam? What adds value to your preparation?

Post Selection Advantage

As a civil servant, you will interact with a variety of people. After reading sociology, you will come up with the clear idea that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You are realistic with your approach and provide better service.

To Conclude

Ultimately, you are the best judge on how you want to approach your interests and selective work. Eight out of ten times, sociology can only be said to be a better option.

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