Small Bedroom Storage Ideas On A Budget

Small bedrooms can be difficult to keep looking tidy, thanks to a lack of storage space. If the small bedroom is a guest room, they can also easily end up becoming a bit of a dumping ground for other things from around the house that you don’t know where to keep, such as your suitcases and boxes of Christmas decorations. 

Start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong. The Christmas decorations and suitcases can go into the loft, or perhaps in a self storage until you need them. 

Next add some storage. The easiest budget friendly solution is to buy large plastic boxes on wheels that will slide under the bed. These can be rolled back and forth easily and used to store all kinds of items, whether it’s toys, shoes or out of season clothes, without making them hard to get at. Vacuum bags are also very useful. Large, soft items, like spare bedding or your coat during the summer months go into these bags, and you use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. This makes the bag much, much smaller, so it can be stashed under the bed until you need it, without taking up all the room. Other items like shoe hangers that hang over the door are also useful. 

If you have items that look nice but need some proper storage, such as a collection of designer handbags, you could add some custom storage for them. Add some shelves to show off your favourite pieces while still getting them out of the way. Floating shelves or cube shelves look cool and show off a great piece like your favourite bag. 

Make use of double duty furniture. For example, buy a nice ottoman to put at the end of the bed, or to be used as a chair for the dressing table. It looks nice, adds a chair to the bedroom and adds some storage space that can be used for items like spare bedding or extra blankets. 

Organise your chest of drawers. Buy some drawer dividers for the drawers where you keep things like underwear and socks. These make it really easy to keep things well organised in the drawer, so you can find what you want quickly and not get things in a tangle. Get in the habit of not putting back anything that has worn out. We’re all guilty of this, so if you notice that the elastic is going in a pair of pants, or that your socks are worn at the heel, don’t throw them in the wash automatically at the end of the day. Instead, throw them away so they don’t go back in the drawer and take up room when you’re trying to find a pair of socks without a hole in. 

Add simple storage solutions like putting some hooks on the back of your bedroom door to keep things like your dressing gown, or some scarves. Don’t overlook the basic storage ideas as they can be very helpful. 

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